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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bohemian Rhapsody Part 3

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Our third day in Prague was the most eventful one. We got home at past 10 pm just roaming the streets of Prague. My feet were so tired but my eyes so full. This is the most time-consuming blog post I've ever written. I had to struggle with uploading my pictures thru google photos. I think it is the size of the pictures and my slow internet connection. Aside from this, as this day was very eventful-there are a lot of pictures that I wanted to post so selecting the pictures was kinda hard. I am sure this quite the longest post yet-was kinda tempted to split this post but managed to finish this one.

 We started the day by going to Petrin Hill. From our stop, Jana Masaryka, we rode Tram 22 and stopped at Ujezd. The day was quite gloomy, I was worried we won't be able to get a good view like the time we went up N Seoul Tower. Nevertheless, I was excited to ride the funicular. It was good thing it was already working at that time.
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Up in Petrin Hill, we opted to ride the elevator towards the top of the viewing deck. The view of Prague was breathtaking. We slowly made our way downwards after taking turns to take pictures. I guess the best view would probably be down the viewing deck wherein there were no mirrors to block the view.

We took the elevator up for extra CZK. The view was breathtaking.

Afterwards, we sad in the cafe and had some cake. The pastries were yummy. We then headed to the mirror maze. I was quite excited to go to the maze but was very disappointed that it was just a room full of mirrors and not really something that's really exciting.

Our next stop was the Lenon Wall which we were able to access thru walking with the help of GPS. I was expecting a huge wall but it was not really that big, Another curious thing we saw was a statue of a water spirit and of course lovelocks.

 Love me lock you do....

Aside from the lovelocks, you'd see a quaint little restaurant with the view of the Vodnik if you a little farther into a tiny corner. A Vodnik is a famous character from Czech fairytales. 

The Czech Republic is no exception to this. Perhaps the most famous character in Czech fairy tales is the legendary water sprite called “vodník” or “hastrman”. You can meet him anywhere close to water or at a dam or pond, even in the remotest village. He embodies the spirit of water and is usually depicted as an unsightly green man riding a catfish. He has got green hair, bulging eyes and water is dripping from his coattails. He is usually described as an evil sprite that does harm to people, blocks mill-wheels and catches inexperienced swimmers in order to gain their soul. He lays ribbons and small mirrors to lure girls into the water. However, he is sometimes much more resourceful than that and transfigures himself into all kinds of animals. If somebody tries to ride him while he is a horse grazing by the shore of a pond, he jumps into the water with the person on his back and drowns them. He stores his gathered souls in a typical plump covered jar in his water kingdom. If someone manages to free the drowned souls, they escape from the water sprite’s dwelling in the form of an air bubble. 

Then we set out to the famous Charles Bridge. This is the typica entertainment you see on Prague travel pictures. The man who seems to float on air. 

The bridge has more statues on the other half because during the battle with the Swedes, most of the statues were destroyed.

In the course of the cruel Thirty Years' War, the people inhabiting the Czech Lands were subjected to many invasions by Swedish mercenaries who looted burghers' houses, aristocratic palaces, churches, libraries and monasteries. Regardless of whether they were led by Generals Baner, Torstenson or Wrangel, the Swedes always wanted to take away as much as they could . . . On the night of July 25, 1648, the Swedish cavalry tried to conquer the Stone Bridge (today's Charles Bridge) and penetrate the Old Town through the gate in the Old Town bridge tower . . .The people of Prague, and particularly students led by Father Jiri Plachy, quickly took up arms and rushed to help the tiny unit of the tower guards. A fierce hand-to-hand fight ensued, with the fighters on both sides hiding behind the the statues on the bridge. The battle took the toll of many dead and wounded on both sides.

Walk a little further until we were at the entrance of Charles Bridge.  The bridge was pretty crowded as it was nearing noontime already though it was a gloomy day. Tourists flocked both sides of the bridge.  When we've crossed, the rain fell on us. We slowly walked through the narrow cobbled streets admiring shop windows. I was already on a hunt to buy my marionette.  These marionettes costs from 1000CZK to 5000CZK.  Those shops I have passed were selling small-sized marionettes at about 1000CZK and I felt that it was too expensive for that size. A walk further into the narrow alleys before passing the astronomical clock, I passed by this puppet shop wherein they had a sale. I was able to haggle the prize of my marionette for just 1000CZK from 1200CZK. I realized it would be difficult for me to take this one as its face, hands and feet are breakable and also the box is not enough to accomodate the marionettes strings/wire. Nevertheless, I do not want to leave Prague without one. This one, according to the lady was special because it is rare to find a marionette in blue-as she says. It was really difficult for me to choose from the shop because a lot are really nice.

Walking further, we passed by the old town square and the clock before finally getting out of the maze into Wenceslaus Square where we ate at this chinese restaurant. After that, we decided to split. My sister and I went to Bata to look for shoes since I needed one upon discovering the pair I bought were damaged. In Bata, I was able to buy a Le Coq Sportiff sneakers at CZK900. which was also on sale. Not bad actually- I love its wine red velvet material. I know that I am risking it cause we were gonna go on a walking tour later-but the cobble-stoned street was slippery that my keds shoes cannot handle. There were a lot of shoes on sale by the way but since this was an unplanned purchase-I had to stick to my budget of 1000CZK.

My sister and I had some time left and went back to the bookstore and bought my Prague book. After that we wondered around the Square and shops. We also passed by this souvenir store where the owner was rude and shooed us out of his shop-like how he is gonna survive with that kind of attitude I would never know and it was not only us that he shooed away from his shop.

At 5 pm, we were in front of the astronimcal clock.  Crowd was already gathering in front as the famous clock chimed 5 pm, we were ready to film.

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LOVERS  in Prague

After that we took some pictures around the old town square. It was already past 6 when we were already at the meeting place-we were late. We got a bit lost. Good thing, we were still accommodated by the tour. The tour was led by our Darla who speaks good English without an accent. We were joined by 3 Americans who were backpacking across Europe also. My feet were killing me but I had to keep up as we head into the Jewish Quarter then across the bridge and thankfully rode a tram to Pohorelec. Were we went through dark cobbled-stones alley. I quite enjoyed it actually despite my painful feet. It was not that spooky because the sun was still out and it was not dark yet. We went inside the castle and it was a very informative tour. Prague castle at night without the crowd was also something you would enjoy. 

I thought we were gonna walk to castle uphill. Lol! Thank God we used the tram. Going up, we dropped by the Pohorelec stop and slowly descended towards Prague Castle. This is Darla, our tour guide wearing her Harry-Potter-like ensemble. Below is a nice view of Charles Bridge from another bridge closer to the Jewish Quarter.

Hahaha! As you can see, I was really lagging behind. My feet are killing me! Thank God the others were such big camwhores that I manage to catch-up with them from time to time. I was very careful not to slip on the cobblestones. As you can see, I am also bringing along my keds inside my Bata shopping bag while I struggled with my new shoes. The new shoes were more comfortable than my keds and less prone to slipping but as common with new shoes-I was "breaking-it-in". I managed to survive though.

After that we rode the tram back to our hotel-tired but happy.  Our third day in Prague was really eventful and productive for me.