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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Shopping Crash

Pin It Now! It's been days since Christmas and here I am spending a lot of time at home because I have went slightly over budget with my Christmas Shopping. To top it all, I'm very pissed with my HSBC credit card. I forgot to pay my bill and when I got my bill for this month, I was billed another 50% of what I originally owe.

Last month when I went to Hong Kong, I wanted to have a Visa card since all my credit cards are Mastercards. I wanted a Visa in case of emergency like what happened in Bangkok when there was a system error with Mastercards and we nearly almost did not come home on time because we weren't able to pay our tickets with our credit cards. I went to see my friend who works for HSBC and applied for their Mabuhay Miles Visa Card. I was very impressed back then when my card arrived barely a week after I gave her my application. 

Now, I know for a fact that when it comes to overdue charges, HSBC and Citibank cards are sadistic. You just miss one day of their deadline and you'll be charged with PHP600.00 plus finance charges computed on the date you purchased your stuff. I did use my card once and paid it the next day but then last October, I was so in a hurry to buy a present for my cousin's debut that I forgot I charged it on my HSBC card, and when I got my December statement-there it was my bill now more than a half of the original amount I owed. Now I'm gonna cancel my card after I paid it-but can't connect to their toll free's cancellation department. FML!

I know I should have been responsible. I know it's also my fault but I'm not gonna risk it again. I don't want to end up having a negative file on BAP. I should just stick to my two trusted cards, BPI and BDO they're cheaper and got a lot of freebies.

So I'm gonna stop yacking about my epic-fail of credit card. So what did I get this Christmas?

 Khun Nam

I got a Nike shirt,Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and a stuffed rabbit which I named Khun Nam (after my favorite Lakorn, Thara Himalaya- I don't know what "khun" means in Thai but "The Khun in my rabbit is a shortcut for "kuneho" Filipino word for rabbit)

I'm 25 but I still enjoy my stuffed toys-in fact I'm not the only one in the world. I read this very interesting article in Time Magazine's December 13 issue with Julian Assange on the cover. In an artilce entitled Playing Around by Belinda Luscombe, you can actually send your most price stuffed toy on a trip to Paris if you can't afford to go there courtsey of .

I'm a frustrated traveler myself and I dream of one day, I'd be able to go to Paris but until that time when I can afford to go there, I can have any of my puppies go on a tour their. The only thing that scares me is that if they'd get lost on their way home. I know I'm such a sentimental person-sappy if you might say but that's me. In fact whenever I see old toys being sold on the street-I actually feel a tug in my heart. I know that I should be happy because some child would be happy to have new toys but I just feel sad for those toys like they have feelings too.

Through the years, I have been really excite to unwrap my Christmas gifts but as I grow older, I find it that I enjoy people unwrapping gifts that I give them. I guess when you get older you'd realize the true essence of Christmas-it's giving.

And so for my Christmas Hauls, I bought myself two flat shoes. I know that I should start practicing wearing heels more than two inches but then, I just can't help myself when it comes to flat shoes.

I also bought my netbook a Hello Kitty case- I have yet to bling out my netbook since what I did was an epic fail.

Also, along with Christmas presents, there's also the food. I had fun eating at my favorite Japanese Restaurant, Rai Rai Ken and ate this sumptious dinner after all the shopping.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Xmas

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ring-a-Ring Circle Lenses

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I had blogged before that I'm never gonna try circle lenses again-but it seems like I'm gonna eat what I said. Since I had my first pair of circle lenses, I browsed through youtube on videos on how to put on and remove contact lenses. The problem I have with it is that, I find it hard to put on and the amount of solution that I have to use to clean it back and forth is such a waste, the worst part of my experience during my first try was taking it off-which was supposed to be the easiest part. After that blog post, I had it placed somewhere in the bottom of my make-up kit because thought I have given up on it.

I have ordered 14.50 in Black, I'm a fan of lenses that are subtle and won't make you 
look like a cat, I chose black thinking my eyes are black but then I realize they are brown
thus, when exposed to light, you can actually see the contrast of the black edges against my own eyes

One day, as I was browsing Multiply, I reviewed my order form and found out that the diameter of that pair of Circle Lenses was actually about 14.8-this could have probably been the problem for me. As a newbie on this, I should have tried using the smaller ones. I remembered when my friend was coaching me how to put the lenses on, she said that she suspects that the diameter was too big for newbie like me. So made me a bit curious and ordered another one with a 14.5 diameter.

When I tried my first pair, I concluded that it doesn't give that much of a difference.
I don't know if this is because of the black color, but I find that this does change the way I look a bit
and I couldn't help but camwhore.

It took me weeks to finally master the art of putting it on. There's still a difficulty on my part to put this size on but it takes me 30 minutes max on putting these lenses on which is a far cry from an hour and a half when I first started.
As I've said I'm a fan of the "not obvious" look, I figured that I could 
probably try the lighter ones in smaller diameters to make it look more natural

Recently, since I have been more confident in trying out lenses, I ordered the Geo's Tri-Color series. It's about 14.25 in diameter and I am very pleased to say that putting it on is just a piece of cake but the problem I have with this one is that it isn't that comfortable and there are times when it somehow becomes blurry. I don't know why though.

 In conclusion, I find that wearing the bigger lenses is much comfortable than the smaller ones. It is indeed easier to put on the smaller ones but sometimes I find myself squinting and it becomes blurry. It looks good from a distance but closer, it's very obvious. On the other hand, it takes me a bit longer to put on the big ones but then it is more comfortable, like I'm not wearing anything. It looks more natural too.

PS: My sister prefers the smaller lenses and she says the bigger ones make my eyes look like a fish's but then I think that the smaller ones makes me look like a cat-LOL!

Friday, November 26, 2010

View From the Bottom- The True Story of an FA Wannabee

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Ever since we were toddlers, we have been flying from one province to the other since our parents are from different provinces. We have spent our early childhood years in Manila while my mother is from Negros Oriental and my Dad is from Davao City. Once or twice a year, our family would split up (my sister and I would take turns who goes with whom) for vacations. As a result, flying on an airplane has been like riding a car for both of us. 
Before, there was only PAL

When I were still a kid- I always wanted attention. There was a particular time when we rode an airplane and I started yanking my seatmate's curly hair that the Flight Attendant noticed me. I can't remember that much but I do remember that she took me to see the captain inside the cockpit and I ended up calling him "gay".

I always have a fascination with aviation and there's something about airports that make me feel happy. I know I sound crazy but I don't have any plans to end up like Tom Hanks in the Terminal. It's true what Hugh Grant says in the beginning of Love Actually about airports-there is really something special about it. Moreover, the travel bug has bitten us. Who wouldn't want to travel for free right?

It was a dream of mine to be a Flight Attendant. Unfortunately for me, I didn't grow an inch taller, I could have been 5'2 1/2 and be able to apply.  I knew I'm not qualified so I squashed that dream.

Fly Girls

It was only recently when that dream was revived when I saw Gwyneth Paltrow's movie View From the Top and of course when Fly Girls started airing locally and discovering Beauty QQ on youtube. My fascination was revived.  Since I can't make it, I inspired my sister to try it. My sister on the other hand is 5'4 and  a good swimmer plus she had her OJT at the airport that we thought  gives her a bigger chance of being accepted. She had tried her luck by applying in two of the biggest carrier in Philippines, so far she wasn't successful.

So with her permission, I'm gonna share her experiences.

With Cebu Pacific, we were kind skeptical she'd make it because we know that Cebu Pacific generally prefers fair skinned girls and my sister is of Morena complexion.Our preparation wasn't really that rigid. I have been to Cebu Pacific open call once but I didn't apply for an FA Position but for Ground Crew Position. At that time, one of the HR Team Leader was a cousin of my mom's friend and asked me if I wanted to try out for an FA position. After hearing some of them instruct some people to come back the next day with swimming stuff, I passed. I don't know how to swim and besides I was already had the inkling I won't pass the height requirement so I said, "no" (I regretted it, I should have tried right?). So then off  to the open call she went. She only passed the height and weight test and failed the smile test. To think that among our family, she has the best set of teeth-naturally ( I had to wear braces for 3 years because I lacked 4 teeth). Even our orthodontist was kinda shocked how it could have been the reason for her disqualification. Nonetheless, it was their decision to make, so we might as well accept it.


When we read that PAL was in urgent need of FAs, I went with my sister to pass her resume. The one who took her resume and measured her height. After that, she told her to come back, noticing me, he asked if I was going to apply- I quickly said no, I don't want to be humiliated with my height because I know that they are strict in height.

Awhile ago, she went to PAL's open call. This is actually a funny story because we have searched for tips from the net (luckily there were a lot in PEX) on what to expect. We have read that the first part would be an Impact Interview. I advised her to show her Japanese and Korean speaking skills and use it as an advantage. We googled PAL's history and came up with a good answer to the question, "Why PAL?". She waxed her arms,legs and even had her nails cleaned.  In fact, he legs were so smooth that my mother commented that her stockings is not obvious-she thought she was wearing stockings.

So there she was among 30 people. They lined up and was given a chance to speak for 2 minutes. She started off greeting in Japanese and then she had mental block. The funny part was that , the person next to her probably felt the pressure and spoke in Spanish-LOL! They also asked each one to take a walk, they their blazers off, show their best smile and their hands.

At the end of that activity, you get a tiny piece of paper whether you pass or fail. Unfortunately, for the second time, she failed. Out of 30 hopefuls-only 2 got in.

 Will never have the chance to say, "Paris, First Class, International!" 

So for now, our FA dream will remain a dream.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prettia Fun and Thai Lakorn

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I did have a lot of free time due to Semestral Break and a lot os Holidays in between. I haven't been blogging that much because I got hooked on to something.

Yes, I'm got hooked watching Lakorns. Lakorns are Thai Soap Operas. I have recently discovered it's world when I curiously clicked this thread at Soompi (created by sweetninja). I got caught by Aum's hotness and Kim's pretty face. I clicked the youtube link and -voila! I got addicted. 

I have sworn that I got tired of watching Korean Series because I got fed up with reading subtitles. A lot of those K-drama series (copies) have subtitles that are sometimes too far from what the characters are actually saying-it's like they got lost in translation but still I tried not to think about it as I enjoyed my favorite Korean Series until I eventually got fed up. One of the disadvantages of watching subtitles is that you miss a lot of good scenes because you get distracted with reading the subtitles the same way that I prefer MTV over MYX because the subtitles are really distracting you from enjoying the visual aspect of  what you're watching.
Perfect Match

I'm very happy though that Perfect Match which stars my favorite Korean Actress, Son Ye Jin is finally dubbed in Filipino that I can watch it without getting distracted by the subtitles but then ABS-CBN placed it on a very late airtime and it only runs 30 minutes everyday which would leave you unsatisfied.

Thanks to wishboniko who subbed Thara Himalaya, I am once again hooked to watching dramas with subtitles. The story is just so good, pretty much a fairytale.

Aum Atichart  as Prince Phuwanes

Kimberley Anne Woltemas as Doctor Nam

Prince Puwanes of Parawat went to Bangkok to observe how gems are being made (as their industry is the best known in the world) when he got ambushed. The Prime Minister of Parawat is in league with rebels that wants to overthrow the King so that he can grant access to foreign investments that will pour in once they open Parawat's diamond mines to them which is what the King is opposed to. His trusted bodyguard had to act like he betrayed him just so he can be saved by shooting him on the arm to make it look like he is dead and was replaced by a fake Prince who got plastic surgery to look like him. Puwanes was found and sent to a nearby hospital where Nam, a doctor took care of him and thus the love story starts.

The drama was also partly shot in Nepal.

I enjoyed the funny moments of this series especially those brought about by her over protective brothers. Nam was born with 3 brothers making them quadruplets as a result of GTI. Her brothers are very protective of her that when they sensed that a doctor is interested in their sister, they figure out a way to discredit him resulting to a confusion on his sexuality.
Right Pic: Nam with her brothers Din, Lom(seated) and Fai (kneeling)

This is the first Thai Drama I've ever seen and frankly, I'm liking the pacing. It's so unlike our own teleseryes. Our own teleseryes start with interesting story and then when it gets high ratings, the story seems to stretch out of proportion making it over dramatic and sometimes not plausible.
Now for Prettia.

I have dyed my hair Glossy Brown in time for my Friend's wedding last September. When I got to Hong Kong, it seems like everywhere I go, everyone's sporting that shade and I felt common. When we got into the wax museum and I saw Cecilia Cheung's wax it reminded me how a long time ago, in college, I swore not to dye my hair brown. I preferred dark black hair contrasting with pale skin-think Snow White. When I got to start in my present job, my then officemate told me how dark hair would seem really harsh thus giving me and intimidating look from clients that's why she advised me to lighten my hair the same way her former boss did to her. So I got caught up into that and colored my hair lighter shades until I got reminded of the old me. I suddenly missed myself that I dyed my hair a slightly darker shade, Bitter Apricot.

me, with my hair in Glossy Brown Shade

Ever since I heard about Prettia, I have searched in vain for "after" pictures of Bitter Apricot but to no avail. I initially wanted to dye my hair in Antique Rose but my sister got my stash and dyed her hair with it even when I bought her Mocha Brown. I was pretty miffed. I got my revenge when after she dyed her hair, my mom took her on the same day to the salon to have her hair semi-rebonded and there was a chemical reaction which gave her a very red hair that caused the people at the salon to laugh at her but it was remedied. The stylist told her that the medicine from that treatment usually lightens hair.
Dyed in Antique Rose (after treatment was done)

Since a box is more than than enough, we got to share it with my yaya who has admitted that she feels conscious about her graying hairs. So we tried the Prettia on her though it says specifically that it does not cover gray hair. For two weeks, it did cover her grays. After that, it slowly fades making her white look like metallic threads.
a day after it was dyed in antique rose

3 weeks after

All in all, I must say that I really have fun using Prettia. It's just like changing clothes-very easy. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Girl Gone Bad- The Lee Dae Hae Issue

Pin It Now! It's been such a big issue how South Korean Actress, Lee Dae Hae made fun of Filipino teachers by imitating one in a Korean Show. The video on youtube has been taken off by KBS as soon as Filipinos started leaving comments.

I'm not a big fan of Lee Dae Hae. I wasn't a big fan of her series My Girl either. I loved her in Green Rose and thought that she is really pretty and sweet but got a bit over-the-top in My Girl. I'm sorry, but I'm not really a big fan of the series as well as the Filipino adaption of it and it has nothing to do with either actresses.  Though Green Rose is a favorite of mine, it is because of Ko /Go Soo and the plot At first ,I got a bit stung after watching her video and felt bad especially that my sister is a tutor to Korean students.

If indeed she was/they were making fun of how Filipino teachers pronounce words then this could actually damage our image. Furthermore, this won't only affect Filipinos but also Koreans who can't afford to go and learn English in Australia, UK and the US and have to settle for cheaper Philippine English Education. It's like throwing a ball so hard onto the ground that it bounces back hitting you right in your face. 

I remember a Korean Teacher told his confused student who went to study here in the Philippines and found it difficult to understand why there are always exceptions in certain grammar rules that she followed strictly that it caused her to contradict some teachings from her Filipino Teacher, He told her that "Filipinos learn English as if it's natural to them that's why it's not difficult for them to know these exceptions from rules because it simply does not sound right to them once they hear it."

In my early years, English was my worst subject (though my grades were relatively high, it was my lowest). I get to participate in Mathematics contests as well Science Contests but never any Speed Reading and Comprehension nor Spelling contests. I became better when I started to read books. I became a bookworm and it made my English better that I was able to get good grades in English in the later years of my Gradeschool Life which eventually became my favorite subject. Even if I do get good grades in English, I admit that even now, I still do commit grammar blunders from time to time.

Recently, I have gone back to school to get some units in English. One of the most difficult subjects I have is Phonetics. If there's one important thing I have learned is that you cannot always expect anyone to pronounce words according to  IPA standard. Koreans for example have difficulty pronouncing /g/ and often pronounces it as if it sounds /k/. It is also common for Filipinos to interchange /f/ and /p/. Another example is when a Japanese finds is difficult to pronounce /r/ which we can call dehortacization. I cannot explain everything in this blog but it would be helpful to anyone interested to learn Phonotactics which is a branch of Phonology that deals with  restrictions in a language on the permissible combination of phonemes or learn Phonology.

There's actually nothing funny when we hear anyone who is not an English Native Speaker mispronounce English words. I think this does not only apply to Koreans or Filipinos but to all  of us who are trying to learn English as a second language. When the person you are talking to understands what you are saying then that's effective communication even if you do not pronounce the words correctly as humans language is creative 
and not a fixed repertoire.

Bashing someone for mispronouncing English words isn't new to us. We do it all the time and not only are we doing it to foreigners but also to our own countrymen most especially to those from the Visayas and Mindanao area. We have comedians imitate Indian and Chinese accents and we laugh at these comedians then why do we get so  hurt when LDH didn't even mention that she was imitating Philippine accent (although the host did mention Philippines and the idiotic editor flashed our flag on the screen) specifically? If it was indeed an imitation of someone from Southeast Asia how come other countries from this region did not react strongly to this?

Hmmmm...Now maybe we learn how it feels like to be made fun of in something we consider we are superior at. I think that we should just forget about this issue and move on. LDH had made an apology. This should be a challenge to us to improve our English better and not to rest on our laurels because maybe one day, we'd wake up and we are not the better ones-only to be outdone by those whom we thought in the past which would be tragic.

My blog entry might not  make that much sense or it does look like my thought are a bit here-and-there but I just have to write my thoughts even if my eyes are begging me to go to sleep. This is a form of self-discipline because I might wake up tomorrow and be lazy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Saints Day

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Halloween had come and gone. When I was younger, Halloween wasn't really about fun. There weren't any costume parties nor Trick or Treatin'. Though this wasn't how we celebrated Halloween, we also had our share of fun.

Those times, we don't really have any dead to visit except for our uncle, my aunt's husband. We'd camp in the cemetery and collect various melted candles and tell ghost stories. It was fun meeting people at the cemetery and seeing classmates too. We'd go tent hopping while adults talk.

Nowadays, we just go to visit our Grandfather's ashes which we buried beneath a grotto at their house. Last year when my mom got involved in a car crash that resulted into the death of her close friends at work, we also visit them.

Ferris Wheel in the Cemetery

It seems to me that the real essence of the celebration had been overshadowed by commercialism. Sure, I would have wanted to go Trick or Treatinng and wear costumes but then whenever I think of the people who left us-there might be some anticipation on their part for that single day in a year when you'd specifically remember them.

I have written a gothic short story years ago as my entry to Soompi's Short Story battle. It has a "dead person" theme  that I'd like to share to anyone who might drop by my blog.

The distance between Yuan and I has never been this far.

I sat here in this tiny café near the windows where he and I used to hangout. I closed my eyes trying to reminisce those happy afternoons that we have spent together on the same spot. 

The aroma of coffee wafted through the air arousing the senses of the sluggish and warming the hearts of the lonely. The café was unusually full today, this is probably because the warm glow of the café enticed people to drop by and leave behind the gloomy humid weather outside.

Three tables away from where I sat with his back on me, Yuan and this girl in red was enjoying the caffeine-induced hyperness that was evident as they chattered mindlessly. It pained me to see him at such a distance. He was so near yet so far. 

I watched as this girl tilted her head, her golden blond hair tumbled a little farther down one perfect shoulder. A sudden surge of jealousy coursed through my veins and I hastily looked away as I struggled to repel bittersweet memories of the past that threatened to weaken my resolve to find out the truth.

“I could get used to this everyday,” I said in between sips of my cappuccino. 

“Adrianne, here’s what I could get used to: having cappuccino with the girl that I’ll love forever,” he said as his golden brown eyes glowed like embers.

He took my hand into his and from that day on we were inseparable. 

Heavy rain started to pour outside. I thought of all the things I could possibly give just to be the one sitting right in front of him. Was it possible that after a month and ten days he has forgotten me? The rain seemed to sympathize with me as it poured harder. I had to know the truth even if it is painful. It is the only way I can have peace. 

I knew they were leaving. I stood up beating them to the door, never bothering to dodge people who came in and out of the tiny cafe.

I stood there in the rain and waited for them. I observed people hurrying down the street. The raindrops pelted angrily on the sidewalk when they finally came out of the café. I watched him as he and his companion tried to make a run for it.

He unzipped his leather jacket and pulled it over his companion to keep her from getting wet the way he used to do when we were still together. 
I was convinced at that moment that the distance between us has taken him away from me; I was nothing but his distant past. But still…

He opened the door of his new shiny black car for his companion, of course after what happened more than a month ago, he needed a new one. The last one was crushed. In my mind’s eye I remembered the tiny pieces of glass from the windshield littered the slippery street that faithful night.

Again, I knew he was leaving and the distance between us will be greater than ever. I ran up to him as the rain continued to fall harder. I reached out and placed my dry hand on his damp shoulder. The instant that my hand touched his right shoulder, my last days with him flashed through my mind.

We were driving in silence down this narrow highway, he had just asked me something and was waiting for my answer. I slipped off the silver bracelet with my name engraved on it from my wrist. I hooked it around his wrist and he turned to look at me.

“Yes, I would gladly be a part of your future.” I said.

“Adrianne!” He grinned at me and reached out for me when at that moment, a ten-wheeler truck came out of nowhere.

“Look out!” I screamed as he tried to avoid a collision with the truck. The car hit a lamppost. The impact was so hard that I felt it reverberated through my bones as the car fell and tumbled into the steep ravine. The last thing I heard was his voice screaming out my name and the rusty taste of blood on my lips. The sound echoed from a distance that now separates us. The distance that was inevitable.

He looked around with that look of confusion on his face it was the first time in forty days that I saw him clearly. He was wearing a dirty t-shirt, old jeans and sneakers. His eyes were dull and bleary I lifted my hand as if to touch and trace the outline of his unshaven chin. I looked at the face of the man who had suffered pain and misery and immediately knew the answer to my question. 

Naturally, he won’t see me. He lifted his left hand and touched his right shoulder, the very spot I’ve touched a second ago. As he did so, I noticed the silver bracelet twinkled as it caught light from the distant streetlamp. It was the bracelet I wore since my sixteenth birthday, the bracelet I managed to give him before I left him. He had seemed to recover from a second of nostalgia and slowly opened his car door.

I watched his new black shiny car sped off the highway, as it slowly gained distance- distance an interval in space and time and in this case, between life and death.


On a happier note, I have finally gotten the courage and the extra money to order from Strapya. I ordered this lacquer that looks like a nail polish. You're supposed to put it on your gadget before you start decorating it with crystals so that if you don't like the outcome of your design, you can just peel it off without destroying your gadget.

 I was kinda apprehensive but then I really felt the need for this as I'm itching to bling out my camera. So, I ordered and the shipping cost me more than the product itself. I didn't dare order more because I was scared that Customs might hold it.

I thought this was the custom bill but it's an additional postal fee

My package arrived 5 days later (excluding weekends). I was so happy when it arrived. I'm so gonna order again soon.