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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bangkok Adventure

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I know that it's been months since I last posted on my blog. I'm really lazy but I have made a new year's resolution to post on my blog regulary. I promise. Last year, one of the happiest things that ever happened to me was when my mother got sponsored to go to Thailand and of course, I tagged along. I didn't care that I have to spend P30,000 just as long as my passport got that stamp.

My second passport, still clean

We left for Manila Wednesday afternoon at 2pm on a connecting flight (Cebu Pacific). We stayed for about 5 hours at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport waiting for our flight at 9pm. A roundtrip ticket ( Davao-Manila-Bangkok-Manila- Davao) only costs P11,000+. It's very cheap compared to Philippine Airlines but the downside is the travel time, we arrived in Bangkok at around 12am Bangkok Time (Manila is an hour advance) plus they don't serve meals on board.

aboard Cebu Pacific, we are smiling but I was trembling, it's one bumpy ride

Imagine, five hours of waiting at the airport. I've bought a magazine and we ate even if we're not that hungry to pass the time. A foreigner was asking us how long we would be staying in Bangkok because his Filipina girlfriend might not be given the additional 30 days extension for her visa (which we didn't know about but we were given 60 days instead of the usual 30 days)

we ate at the airport some inexpensive sushi and noodles all for only PHP 300

our's is the last flight for the day

My sister and I were taking pictures nonstop at the airport and we were wondering why everyone seemed to be in hurry and we found out later on that the queue for immigration was the reason. Of course, it didn't help that we went there on the second week of August when the Queen was celebrating her birthday and when most clearance sales were happening.

Suvarnabhumi is really big. Later, we realized it was the same airport where that famous Ponds Commercial was shot.

We didn't get to explore it that much because we were tired and I was really worried about how to get to the hotel . It's also wise not to exchange a huge amount at the money exchange at the airport because the rate is lower for US dollar to Thai Baht compared to banks. The teller was kind enough to give me small bills upon my request although it took me 3 attempts to make him understand what I was saying.
taken before we checked out of Ecotel, hotel lobby

We arrived at the hotel, Ecotel at about 2 am in the morning. Ecotel is a new 3-star Hotel located at New Petchburi Road, behind big hotels such as Ramada and Bangkok Palace. The service is good and the room is clean but don't expect tubs in your bathroom and the room is quite small but very much comfortable. It's also near shopping districts. It's relatively new so we printed out a map in Thai for the taxi driver before we left. The taxi driver was luckily honest (didn't ask for extra fee unlike those in Manila)  and we just paid about a hundred and 50 baht (including toll charges). We followed some tips we saw online to directly go to this table outside where you get metered taxis as opposed to those Toyota Camry rides. It was also an advantage that we were one of the last ones to get out of the airport because there were no men trying to get our attention and force us to ride those expensive taxis. The airport outside was nearly deserted.

inside the metered taxi, it's a right hand drive one
outside MBK

On day one, my sister and I went to MBK but before that we got a bit duped by this Indian who said that we only have to pay 30 baht for MBK but it turns out he made us go to these different souvenir shops. At first it was okay and we were really thankful that we got to go to this shop where we bought most of our souvenirs to take back home because they were cheaper than those sold at MBK but then it kinda annoyed me how many shops we have to go and it's wasting our time. He finally dropped us at MBK at half past 12 - it took 2 hours of our precious time and I was really in a bad mood.

Nevertheless, I got back to my good mood after a very satisfying lunch of steak and creamy mushroom soup. I just love the soup. The waiters at the restaurant couldn't understand english that much so we have to just point at the picture to order. My sister and I explored MBK and then we went to the next Mall Siam Paragon where almost all the branded labels are. I was very happy to see Etude House. I've never been to an Etude House before. The only Korean cosmetic stores that we have here in the Philippines are The Faceshoppe and Skinfood ( but Laneige and Etude are now opening their stores in Manila) I am a huge Song Hye Kyo fan and she had endorsed a lot of Etude products before so I was really curious. The beauty consultant inside complemented me on my skin and my sister bought their brightening eye duo which is like a concealer for eyebags. I wanted to take pictures inside with the pink furniture but got a little shy. I also went to Faceshoppe and bought their version of pen brush eyeliner but I got really surprised and noticed that their products are much more expensive that in here. That eyeliner costs about 400++ baht (1 baht= 1.44 pesos) but I bought one just recently and it cost only 300 pesos. I also went to skinfood and looked at their BB cream and it costs about 1000 baht while it only cost 1200 pesos in here, same with Body Shop they were having a sale so we bought a tea tree tonic which costs 400+ baht ( less sale already) when in here it costs about 500 ( with 10% add on for provincial areas). I also got tempted to buy the jewel encrusted Laneige compact but then I decided against it, thinking that I won't be able to buy a refill in here.

Hello Kitty stuff

these shirts are funny

Most shops in Bangkok has this policy that we can't take pictures inside but we didn't know. I was only after we took this shot that we knew. I used to say that I'm not a Hello Kitty fan but then I can't deny that I get attracted to Hello Kitty stuff and I blame my Dad for it. My Dad always give me Hello Kitty stuff when I was younger and now I can guiltily admit that I'm a Hello Kitty fan.

Before going back to the hotel we took out some dinner from Mc Donalds and we couldn't help but be amazed that there fries and softdrinks, the regular size, is the go large size in our country. The same way we were amazed with their KFC, their fries are different-it's kinda like the plain Mc Donald fries unlike the thick KFC fries we have here.

On our second day, our mother came to join us. We went to Siam Discovery, Central World, Isetan, MBK, Pratunam and then Paragon again. I was complaining how I can't buy anything for myself because my Mom loves branded stuff and I can't afford them.My mission was to buy a good imitation of juicy couture bag, hair crimper and lots of asian fashion clothes. I didn't find any hair crimper. I was able to buy two imitation juicy couture bags but they're not of good quality and didn't buy any clothes at all except for a reddish-pink cardigan sweater which I had my mom buy for me because it was expensive. For the two days we did nothing but shop -or may I correct myself-she did nothing but shop while my sister and I did nothing but eat. The food in Thailand was great and their sushi is even better.

taking a break from shopping, Tata Young's Ready for Love was playing non-stop on large LCDs

sushi sushi sushi!

salmon dish

veggie wraps
mushroom curry

On the 4th day, we spent the entire day at Dreamland where my sister and I took pictures and had our two digicams run out of battery 3 hours before we have to leave.

nice bed, want mine to look like this but with lots of pillows

reminds me a lot of this old movie, Polar Bear King where the princess used gravity-defying shoes to climb a cliff to reach the evil sorceress' palace to save her prince
taking a break, you'd think it's all fine but it was very hot and I was very sweaty despite the light weight outfit I wore

Hello Kitty candies
We also went to shop at the gourmet food
grocery and
I bought
a lot of curry mixes.

On our last day, we went cultural and visited the Grand Palace compound. Unfortunately we weren't able to spend too much time there because at that time there was a demonstration outside where Thak Sin's supporters gathered. It was also very hot that even our tour guide who goes by the name Pup, recognized the Filipino word "mainit".

Anna and the King which stars Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat is one of my favorite movies of all time and even did a movie analysis for it for my Humanities class in college and I just can't believe I'm standing here-like the setting of the movie (of course I knew it was shot in Malaysia and that about 80% of it is fiction) but you would be able to appreciate the movie more knowing that the production design stuff worked tirelessly to create a replica of this place-truly amazing.

After that tour, Pup was trying to convince us to watch an elephant show but we politely declined because I was ready to faint from the heat of the sun but instead asked for him to take us to this jewelry shop were my mom spent a lot of money again.
display of vintage cars with our tour guide Pup

last dessert in Bangkok

our last sushi meal in bangkok

After that we discovered that my sister and I were supposed to have left the night before. It was real blunder. Tip for anyone who's as careless as us, keep an international toll free of your airline, otherwise you'll be charged double of the roundtrip ticket. It was fortunate that I was able to contact Cebu Pacific in Cebu that I was able to get a re scheduled flight at another PHP8000.00 otherwise, the ticket agent at Bangkok would have charged us PHP 12,000.

Despite this mistake, I don't regret spending a single cent on this trip. My mom has been yapping about how much she spent ( PHP 80,000) on shopping ( like duh! two designer bags, 3 designer footwears, a new sony cybershot, a gold bracelet and two sapphire rings plus souvenirs), if I haven't convinced her not to buy a new watch she would have reached PHP150,000 in just five days.

I love Bangkok. It's much better than Manila. It's cleaner and slightly cheaper compared to Manila. This won't be my last trip to Bangkok and also looking forward to another trip this year to HongKong and Macau.



Anonymous said...

hi may i know where you buy the JC imitation bag and how much is it. thanks(:

Whizzer's Rose said...
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Whizzer's Rose said...

Bought it at MBK at the price of PHP500 at that time. My advice is not to buy those leather-like imitations because they don't last- mine just lasted 5 months and and then it cracked and peeled :-( should have bought originals with good quality-they're cheaper if you come around August or late August during the Queen's Birthday and clearance sales plus tax refund which you can claim at the airport.