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Friday, January 22, 2010

My Pink Stash

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Two years ago, I've set my mind into buying this straightener/crimper but unfortunately when I came back to the store it's gone. I've been waiting for another stock of it- but nothing came. When I went to Bangkok last year, it was one of my mission but I haven't seen anything for sale there too. I have bought a vidal sassoon straightener as well as a vidal sasson curling iron to temporarily satisfy my needs ( I frequently watch tutorials in youtube how some people use their straightener as crimper/curling gadget) until I saw this black and decker 5-1. I seriously thought of buying it so I sold my vidal sassoon hair straightener to a friend of mine.
not the exact one I used to own but somewhat looks like what I had but almost looks like

I almost bought this one

I asked my sister to go to the store and have the product tested before buying it. Luckily, I was able to convince her to go and she found out that it takes a really long time for it to heat up and it doesn't do much to your hair. I also posted a help question at soompi and most members told me not to buy it. Thank God I made the right decision and waited.

Last night, I was from work and decided to look around the mall and found what I've been looking for: a vidal sassoon 10 in 1 hair styling kit (pink series). I was so happy that despite the fact that some moron from the HR department miscalculated my salary and I ended up without pay I bought it courtesy of my credit card.
my new vidal sassoon 10 in 1 styler

1. 36 mm ceramic straightening plates
2. 36 mm ceramic crimping plates
3. 19 mm ceramic coated barrel
4. 16 mm ceramic coated barrel
5. 13 nn ceramic coated barrel
6. 19 mm spiral sleeve
7. 19 mm brush sleeve

it comes with a dvd tutorial

it has it's own bag too...
I wonder why it feels so good to buy something when you don't have money. I couldn't care less. I mean I have waited for a long time for this. I tried it at home when I arrived and I'm really happy. It's a good investment.

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