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Monday, April 26, 2010

Credit Cards for the Pessimist and Bday Vanity

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This is part is like the post script for my previous entry about Credit Cards,Credit Cards for the Pessimist

My point about it is that you cannot in any way blame your Credit Cards for anything but you can only blame yourself for letting it control your spending.

There are also pros in having a credit card. For example, if it weren't for credit cards, you won't be able to get cheap deals on airline tickets. Last year, there was a promo for this local airline that you only have to pay $1 (exclusive of travel tax and some surcharge) for a ticket ( Davao-Manila-Hongkong). If I didn't have a credit card then I wouldn't be able to avail that promo which only costs about $25 in total. That's a good deal for me already.

You can also use your credit cards on emergencies like last year when my family went to Bangkok, my younger sister overlooked our tickets and booked and erroneous date. Instead of leaving on the 12 am flight on the 17th of August she booked a 12 am flight on the 16th of August. We only realized that our tickets were erroneous when we took a look at it 10 hours later. We were left by our flight. We hastily looked for a local booking agency for our airline and they were charging us $400 for two persons, and they need it in cash. I was able to locate an internet cafe and took down the airline's number back home and bought a call card and called long distance. I was able to rebook the ticket for only $300.00 thanks to my credit card. Furthermore, there are hospitals that offer zero-percent interest with your credit card for emergencies or accidents.

Lastly, there are perks for certain credit cards. Like this local credit card I have that offers free coupons on meals whenever you spend a minimum purchase of $33. This is pretty much a big hit among credit card users especially when this particular card offered a free bucket meal coupon on Christmas Time that the local fast food chain had to almost double their supply of chicken. You can also ask your credit card provider if they have a "point earner feature" or "mile earner feature" so you can get the most of having your credit card by having your annual fees waived when you've earned enough points or enjoy free airline tickets/ gas when you've earned enough miles.

I just want to say that credit cards aren't really that bad. You just have to take your time and read product features, computations on charges to understand it better. Some credit cards charge base on your ADB (average daily balance) from the moment you purchase the product, others base on your ADB after your statement date, the former type of cards usually costs you more. Be also conscious of interest rates and if you have the time, ask how they compute charges. If you think the credit card company gave you a very high credit limit, you can ask them to lower it to a credit limit that is as much as what you are earning in a two-month period which is pretty much conservative if you still think you'd be tempted to spend. You can also limit the number of credit cards you have to 2 - one visa and one mastercard or an AMEX. Choose also a credit card according to your convenience, a card you can pay through auto debit from your savings, a bank that's open on weekends or have extended banking hours or have a wide array of payment facilities. Lastly, be responsible. You have to know when your due date is and when your statement date is. Most make a mistake of waiting for their statement to be delivered before they pay, you can always dial the toll free to check how much you owe. Having a credit card means that the bank trusts you to make you avail of this type of loan if you only know how much credit card application forms are thrown into the paper shredder everyday, as I've said before having a credit card is a not a right but a privilege.

Tomorrow is my 25th Birthday and I'm not in the mood for celebration. For the past 6-7 years, I didn't imagine my life to be like this. My plan was to be out of this place by the time I turn this age, hopefully in a relationship and have traveled at least half the world.

Yes, there are things that I should be thankful for, like having a job that gives me a steady income. My family is still complete and intact. I look younger than my age and last but not the least for the past 5 years, I have learned a lot and a lot of those experiences made me a stronger person. I'm not the naive 20-year old fresh graduate anymore nor am I the soft-spoken crybaby that I was. The best part of it all is that I have realized that there are still a lot of things to do and I still have the time to do it.

Okay so since I have grounded my credit card and I'm on a tight budget then I might as well just make a Birthday Wishlist. Who knows maybe a Santa Claus might drop by and read my blog and give me gifts. ( I don't mind if he gives me these things on Christmas)

1. Number one on my Wishlist is a Kevin Beauty Maker Haul.
Kevin a famous make-up artist and beauty adviser in Taiwan. People in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea love and trust his products. Kevin is always on the TV show "Queen", which is the number 1 TV program for make-up and skin-care products in Taiwan. So far, all the reviews I've read about his products are good so I want to try them

2. Number two is a Majolica Majorca Neo Mascara and Mascara Base
This is a sub product of Shiseido a Major Japanese Cosmetic brand. It's one of the top selling mascara in Japan
The Shiseido Majolica Lash Expander NEO was launched as a sequel to the 15X Lash Expander Mascara.

3.Prettia Hair Dye in Bitter Apricot.
Prettia (Kao Japan) Bubble Foam Hair Coloring Kit is an innovative D.I.Y hair coloring product that uses foam to dye the hair. Unlike traditional hair color kit, it turns the coloring agents into bubbles!! Hair colorings are now as simple as like washing hairs. Thanks to this super easy & convenient hair coloring mechanism.
(I have currently placed and order for this one and it's gonna arrive on the first week of May so I'm gonna have to wait)
4. A Rose Colored Bag
I really don't mind what brand it is as long as it's a shoulder bag that have a lot of compartments and of course eye-catching like these ones.

5. Jelly Sandals
I just saw this nice jelly sandals at the mall and it was in a dark shade of violet and i really love the color and the feel of it when I tried it on. However, there wasn't a size for me. I kept looking at other brands but couldn't find any that really has a nice color so here it is today, it remains on my wishlist.

There you go, these are the five items on my wishlist that are very affordable or that I can buy after a few months. Of course there are bigger things that I want such as a trip for Europe etc but are not realistically attainable at the moment but who knows, maybe next year perhaps?!

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