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Friday, April 9, 2010

Vacation Hauls and Crystallized Stuff

Pin It Now! A lot of friends and even people I don't know (salesladies, clients, etc) has been asking me how I did my crystallized samsung star phone.

sorry for the bad pic quality, I have shaky hands and I'm not really good with taking pictures at a near distance

This one's slightly better but then you can see my sister taking this pic at the screen

I told them that I just bought this ready-to-stick crystals and just cut them and stick. Most of them thought I did it one-by-one like some people who did some tutorials at youtube.

Here are good links if you want to know more about styling your phone:
soompi thread
youtube video 1
youtube video 2

and here's a website for the cute stuff you put on your phone


I'm quite a lazy person and I'm scared that an Elmer's glue will actually ruin my stuff so I stuck with the stickers.

Here's a brief How-To.

Trace the compact's outline at the back of the sticker using a pen

Cut out the outline and stick it on the compact's cover

I've also had a bit of an In2It splurge. In2it is a japanese make-up brand locally distributed by David's Salon. It's price is comparable to the price of Maybelline Cosmetics but in my opinion of better quality. My friends have started using In2it when I introduced it to them. A friend of mine had an allergic reaction after she used Maybelline. I am not saying that Maybelline is not a good quality brand-it's just that it doesn't fit their skin type. I recommended In2it (for dry skin) and it worked for her, didn't cause her any breakout.

For people like me who can't afford or should I say thinks it's ridiculous to spend a lot for big branded make-up like MAC, Shiseido, Lancome and etc. I think that In2it is a very good option. I like their waterproof eye shadow, it's really long wearing. When I come home from the office, you could still very much see the color. I also loved the lipgloss because it doesn't dry out my lips. I'm definitely sticking to this brand.

It's also been a practice of mine to buy books while we travel. Back to the days when local bookstores here do not have a huge collection of books to choose from, I've been saving a lot of my school allowance for our summer trips to Cebu (we pass by Cebu on the way to our province). I usually splurge it on books during the long summer. Though things have changed much (we now have big bookstores here) I still buy books to keep me entertained throughout the long plane rides and dull moments. I have been recently devouring Sophie Kinsella's books and I still have one more of her books to read but I'm intentionally putting it off 'coz I wouldn't have anything to read anymore since she doesn't have any new books coming out. So I bought Belle de Jour.

I'm quite surprise to see Billie Piper, It's been a long time since I last saw her on MTV, I always thought she was a Mariah Carey look-alike. Even more surprising is that she's already an actress. I did not buy this book because she was in the cover. I've read a recommendation for this book on a magazine (probably cosmo). I haven't finished it yet.

I also bought some mini fans because of the constant blackout these days and of course it's summer- heat is killing a lot of plants and makes me sweat like hell. People should do more about Climate Change.

Lastly, I bought again another bag. I'm really a bag addict.

So these are my hauls and I'll be back soon for more stuff to blog about.

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