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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Children Today Are Luckier than We Were

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I think that children nowadays are luckier than we were when we were younger.

First of all, there's 3D movies. It makes movie watching more realistic and fun. Last night, my sister and I saw Shrek Forever After in 3D. Though 3D has been around for sometime now, I'm just not a movie person. I don't really like going to the movies or maybe I just didn't find it interesting anymore like I did back when I was younger, when I would always see a movie every weekend. I was looking forward to visual arts popping out of the screen and gives a feeling that you're part of it. I have been a huge Shrek fan because I just like the humor of the movie,I'm not a fan of Shrek himself, but rather his sidekicks like Donkey, Puss, Pinocchio and of course-Gingy. The fact that this is the last Shrek movie, it made me sad to say goodbye to the characters and at the same time, the story itself made me a little teary-eyed especially the last part.Technology has grown so much in the past decade imagine what it would be a decade from now, maybe we'll actually have movies ala virtual reality. Though kids are luckier because of this, I still consider it a tie because back then we only pay PHP 30 (in my case it's free coz my classmate owns the local theater and gives me free passes) to enjoy a movie and could watch it 3x in a row if you want to unlike now, they have to watch it at PHP250 and have to reserve seats.

Second, I was amazed how children of today actually have make-ups made for them. Before watching, we checked out Toy Kingdom and we saw this cute make-up kits for kids. LOL! We didn't need to sneak into our mom's room and use her make-up when she's not around. I remember I mistakenly shaved my eyebrows doing this when I was younger-luckily it grew back. As I've said before I only started doing make-up when I started on my first real job. No one ever thought me how to do my make-up and when the interviewer told me to come in full make-up I ran into my mom's office which was a block away from the office and had her office mate apply blush on me. Now, kids can start early with these products but at the same time on the downside, don't you think it kinda creepy to have kids put on make-ups for real. I mean, it's kinda different when you do it at home and play dress-up but when you go out and see a 7 year-old kid in make-up what kind of reaction would you have?

being impulsive, I actually bought this one. It's a heart-shaped compact with lip gloss and cream eyeshadows

Third, they get to explore creativity at such an early age with doing crafts. I've never heard about polymer clay before. I used to mess up with play dough. Polymer clay is kinda different because you can actually bake it (of course with adult supervision) so that you can have nice food for your dolls if you're into playing house. When I was younger and so much into playing Barbie dolls, we found it hard to look for miniatures and they were really expensive to buy. We resorted to using erasers and some stuff we extract from our mom's flower vase much to her displeasure.My mom also shares that they use pebbles for food and leaves for money. Nowadays, toy makers actually include these miniatures to the set so you don't have to look for pieces .As I bought my first two blocks of polymer clay from the craft shop, there was a mother who got curious and I almost spent 30 minutes speaking to her, explaining what to do with the clay because her kid is into crafts and she got really excited for her kid. I told her I was a newbie myself and she should check out stuff from youtube and deviant art where I just copied some stuff.

polymer clay that I bought the other day, it cost PHP100 for this small slab

our first attempt to make a cupcake one, we actually used nail polish to color this one because it's cheaper than acrylic paint and dual-purpose of course

we used a clear nail-polish for the rose

for those who are already at the advance level, they can make cute stuff like these

erasers shaped like miniature food

where were these when we were young and looking for this kind of stuff?

Lastly, fashion has given kids and teens some attention they needed. During first grade, having a Barbie dress was the most common brand for us. Now, you have Juicy Couture, Guess for Kids etc. For bags, there's this brand that's becoming very popular, Animob. I'm a fan of their wallets and pouches too. I love the designs even if I'm not a kid anymore. Before, it was either Sanrio products or Disney products that were "in" but now it looks like Hello Kitty is having a competition. I often get defensive when people tell me I like Hello Kitty, it just so happens that my father always buy me Hello Kitty stuff that's why I have a lot of Hello Kitty stuff that probably made me like Hello Kitty- now I can't deny it and I often wonder I get attracted to Hello Kitty stuff, but Hello Kitty had ceased to be child's stuff over the years because even grown-up girls are into Hello Kitty.

Aside from being attracted to pink stuff, I also got attracted to gold stuff such as the animob wallet
and gold pouch I gave my sister for her birthday. The second pouch (the brown one) I loved it for
its functionality, I can actually put my two cellphones inside.

My Juicy Couture watch. Juicy Couture expanded their line to include kids. Suri Cruise and other
famous Hollywood tykes love this product too.

my Hello Kitty Make-up case

The list goes on for what kids of today have more than what we have before like from flavors of ice cream, cellphones and the internet technology.

cute notebook, it was only in college when I was able to choose what notebook to use because coming from an exclusive private school, we were required to use only lesson plan notebooks

bought anyway, and pasted my expenses and payslips inside

In connection to this topic, the plot of Shrek Forever After was that Shrek got tired of his mundane life and wished that he'd go back to his Ogre days for just one day. Rumpelstilskin on the other hand gave him a deal, a day for a day. In exchange for a day , he would get a day from his childhood. If given a chance would you want to be a kid again?

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