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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hairstory- Pantene Japanese Limited Edition

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I used to have very dark shiny black hair that some people asked me if I had it dyed. No, I never dyed my hair before. When I was younger, I had very fine light brown hair. My grandmother, who's into those old beliefs that shaving a child's head will give her thicker hair. So she shaved it all and I was bald. I was bald when I turned one. When I reached about the age of two, my hair was still fine so my yaya (nanny) planted aloe vera and applied its extract on my head everyday before taking a bath which made my hair thicker and darker.

my virgin black hair

Two years ago, when I was about to start my current job. My officemates have been telling me that eventually I will dye my hair to a lighter shade because that's just how all the girls who got assigned in the mall did. It came to pass, that my officemate really did convince me to dye my hair a lighter shade telling me it will lighten my face and soften my look.

me and ladies from our office, all of us have colored hair

my latest hair color, as you can see lots of split ends
So ever since then, I had my hair dyed and after a year, I have it semi-rebonded.

Last January, I committed a blunder. I went to David's Saloon and had my hair treated. The hair dresser advised me not to dye my hair and to wait for three months before dyeing it. Being hardheaded, I didn't listen and had my hair dyed after a month at this local Korean Saloon ( I had my hair dyed there before and it didn't dry out my hair) and after 2 months had it semi-rebonded which I think damaged my hair (too many chemicals in a short span of time).

Whenever I move my hands over my head, I feel twisted hair and it made me want to cut them (which I did) so I have tiny hairs on top of my head. At first I tried A Bonne Hair Spa. Though it made my hair soft, everytime I use it , I can see hair fall after washing that I use Lauat Shampoo before using A Bonne fearing that I might end up bald. I also tried using Cream Silk, it's good but you just an "ok" quality.

I was watching tv and they showed this Pantene Limited Edition from Japan. I never really use Pantene because I've read some stuff about it. But then since this product came from Japan, it mus be of good quality. I bought it and
I'm very happy that I did.

It's cheaper than Cream Silk but it's better than Cream Silk damage Repair. I like the smell better than Cream Silk too. It made my hair smooth and to think that I usually take the jeepney to office which makes my hair fly all over the place, I don't have tangles. I just love this product and I'm planning to stock up since it's a limited edition (whyit's limited edition, don't know). My hair has never been healthier for the past 3 months since I had it semi-rebonded.

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