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Saturday, May 1, 2010

My 25th Bday Haul: Everything under PHP100

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Due to some "temperamental factor" I spent my entire birthday cleaning my room and throwing away empty bottles, aging make-up, organizing accessories and almost emptied my make-up kit. I only left my new eyeshadow palettes from In2it, a skinfood BB cream tube and 3 tubes of lipstick. I'm intending to restock my make-up kit slowly like for starters, I purchased my first ever skin79 Beblesh Balm (Diamond Line) and here's a brief review.

(doesn't really look like a birthday cake for a 25-year-old but it's delicious)
I have relatively dry skin like when I usually put on moisturizer and liquid foundation, it usually cakes a whole lot. When I apply make-up everyday for work, I start with putting sunblock on (nivea) and then moisturize with Ponds Flawless White. I have been using Ponds Flawless White Day cream for a long time. I have tried other brands like Nivea and Olay but I find that Ponds works best for my skin type. My skin easily absorbs the cream and gives me a matte finish. I would then apply My skinfood BB cream (Gingko) with a mix of Faceshop's Pearl make-up base to give me radiant skin and lastly I apply on dual purpose powder with a brush so it won't cake.

pearl make-up base

The thing I like about skinfood's BB cream is that at one point when I had my period it caused me to have two big pimples on my face and then I killed them with Eskinol's acne cream. The good thing about Eskinol's acne cream is that it dries out the pimple but leaves on a dark spot (probably from burning the pimple). I used the BB cream and it really did help lighten my dark spots until it faded for about 2 weeks. My problem with skinfood's BB cream is that it smells. The smell kinda reminds me of medicine, maybe it's the Gingko in the product. If I apply the cream alone (without mixing the pearl base) it kinda makes my skin dry and it cakes. My skin doesn't absorb it that much that's why I need the base first. Furthermore, I have to apply concealer because it doesn't really cover my eyebags and some dark spots.

A few hours after application, I usually look oily that's why I have to make a retouch by putting on loose powder. I'm not a big fan of the tube too, it got damaged after 2 weeks. I mean the sides just ripped off, I don't take the cap off the tube anymore, I just squeeze the tube and the cream comes out of it's sides.

Skin79's Beblesh Balm on the other hand fits my skin type better. I do not need to have a base because it's very creamy and after application it blends well with my face leaving me with a radiant glow and on top of it all without caking. I like the fact that I don't have to put on concealer on too. It covers my eye bags and dark spots without feeling like I have a ton of make-up on my face. It minimizes my time in applying make-up because I just have to put on a sunblock. moisturizer and this BB cream and brush on some loose powder and I'm done. I also like the effect because it gives me a radiant glow without making my skin look oily and it lasts long, I don't have to retouch with loose powder. It's still to early to know if it would help lighten my dark spots but I really love this product more than skinfood's.

So maybe I'm just gonna use Skinfood at night to lighten my spots and Skin79 by the day. Once I'm done with my skinfood BB Cream, I don't think I'm gonna buy it again. If I use Skin 79. it would save me PHP800 for the Pearl base and PHP300 for the concealer. So for me it's definitely Skin79.

Okay so now after my brief review, I'm gonna show some miscellaneous haul. To cheer me up on my birthday, my sister took me shopping to this chinese store. Everything we bought from the shop is under PHP100. For someone, on a tight budget, I really enjoyed it. They are just normal things that you buy but it made me happy, you know sometimes shopping is the best cure for feeling blue.

(everything is under PHP 100 except for Ever Bilena's Mouse Eye Shadow)

Last Christmas, I bought my sister a shirt from Bossini and it cost PHP900. I found almost a similar T-shirt and it's only PHP80.00.

Being a self-confessed make-up addict, I bought an LA eyeshadow palette (which is also under PHP 100) and an Ever Bilena Mouse Eye Shadow Cream. I tried the Ever Bilena at the back of my hand and it was good but when I applied it at home, it's just like applying a sparkling vaseline gel, it's supposed to be pink but it's not, it's just like a transparent gel, I wasted PHP125.I have tested the eyeshadow palette and it's pigmented but whether or not it lasts long I still have to find out.

I did get my quarterly bonus but I quickly wrote checks and paid my dues and put it in another savings account so that I won't be tempted to splurge again. Though I have done that, I got tempted and bought one lipstick. I know I shouldn't have but it was 20% off and it's cheap. What pissed me off is that I wanted a deep red shade and when I applied it, it looks pink. What's the matter with my lips, it's wine red from Maybeline but applied- it looks pinkish red.

(I'm also wearing my new skin79 bbcream in this picture)
Oh well, I'll just wait for the next bonus for another one.

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