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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pimping Out Your Phone Using Sticker

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I love blinging out my stuff and one of those shows I love watching online were those shows on how they bling out their stuff. This one is a favorite of mine from Xiaxue's Guide To Life. In that video she blinged her phone by doing it one by one.

The fact is, I'm a lazy person so I prefer doing the stick on ones. It's also a bit difficult to use the stick on ones because there's a lot of adjustments to make to fit the surface of the stuff you're decorating and you must also have a strong pair of scissors because you're gonna cut part of the stones/rhinestones. Here's how I did my Samsung Star. Hope you enjoy it.

PS: sorry for the crappy lighting, one of the lights in our room got busted and I'm kinda scared to use it again.


~KawaiiParadise~ said...

Hello there, I just check out your blog. It's sweet ^^ XD. Check out my sometime if you have time ^^. Luv U
~XOXO Charlotte

Whizzer's Rose said...

thanks...sure I will visit yours:-)