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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Pink Baby

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I have a new baby. It’s pink and handy.

Though my old and sturdy Compaq laptop still very much satisfies me, it has been difficult for my sister and I to share the laptop. She is always busy updating her deviant art and doing quizzes for her tutees while I am busy doing research for my studies. This has compelled me to buy myself a netbook. I have been contemplating about this for the longest time and I finally got the budget to buy a new netbook. Of course I have budget limitations but I also wanted something light that I could carry to school for reports, on travels and of course when I’m just in my bed.

I bought an ASUS Eee PC in pink. It’s very cute with its baby pink color and 10 inch screen and its within my budget.Now, all I need is a router so that I could enjoy blogging on my bed (I’m such a lazy person!). The good thing about this is that I can finally update my blog more often.

Last Sunday, my cousin had her firstborn christened with me as a godmother. It's the first time I was invited to be a godmother and it was kinda cool and I'm looking forward to shopping gifts for her in the near future.

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