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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Top 5 Korean Drama

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My sister is currently teaching at a Korean school and one of her students told her that Park Yong Ha died the other day. I was so shocked. A few years ago, when Korean Dramas were still unknown here in the Philippines, my sister and I would surf the cable channels to find some interesting shows to watch and so we came upon this Chinese channel that showed Park Yong Ha's series, Loving You. In this series, he starred with his ex-girlfriend Eugene Kim. I got hooked to this series even if it's dubbed in Chinese. I followed this series from the beginning to the end even if I didn't know what they were talking about. I just love the clam-type phones they were using, the story (which I managed to extract from tvseriessensation forum- which is now closed) and of course the chemistry of the lead actors.

RIP Park Yong Ha

So now, I'm not really a big Kdrama addict anymore but I would like to share my Top 5 favorite Korean Series of all time in no particular order.

1.Save the Last Dance

Eugene Kim has been my favorite Korean actress ever since I saw her with Park Yong Ha in Loving You. I love this series so much because I love the soundtrack especially the track , Give My Love. I've been listening to it for years and I still haven't got tired listening to it. The story about amnesia is quite common but the acting on this show was really good that it made it very plausible. I also commend the main antagonist Ryu Soo Young for being effective. I also liked the Fashion on this drama- so loved the clothes that Eugene wore in this series, even her uniforms were really nice.


I think that Song Hye Kyo is one of the prettiest asians I've ever seen. I couldn't believe that she would also be good in comedy since I first saw her in Endless Love- Autumn in My Heart. I love her chemistry with Rain. Rain was also very funny in this series. I like this series because it doesn't really involve a lot of the usual dramatic subplots. Though some stuff wasn't that plausible (how could a friend of yours sell your own house if it's in your name), I enjoyed watching the simple story of this series.

This series earned a large amount of following here in the Philippines that it was also remade here like in Vietnam. My friend loved the Filipino Version very much that she had a wedding that was inspired by the Philippine version of Fullhouse.

Vietnamese version of Fullhouse, although the location didn't have the same feel as in the original the house they chose was really cool with the swimming pool inside-very cool

The Philippine Version Of Fullhouse starring Heart Evangelista and Richard Gutierrez

Though the dress wasn't exactly the same, the inspiration was there-short and modern like what my friend did in her wedding.
3.Summer Scent

This is your typical Korean Drama there are a lot of dramatic subplots like heart transplant, lost love, love quadrangle and terminal illness. What I enjoyed about this show is that it stars Son Ye Jin and Song Seung Hyun who really had chemistry on screen. I love the soundtrack too. All the songs are good and I love the the views shown on this series like the coffee plantation, the park and the flowers.

4.Spring Waltz

The actors in this series were fresh and did have a good chemistry. Daniel Henney of course was really adorable in this series. The child actors were so talented, they actually made me cry. I 'm sure those kids will be good actors when they grow up. I love looking at Austria and scenes from Jeju Island. The story was also good but it dragged in the middle part. I love the ending because it was a happy one and it seemed to have a closure unlike the previous Endless Love series. The song "One Love" became really popular here in the Philippines (the english version by Acel Bisa) and was number one for more than a month in local radio stations. I am looking for the Filipino dubbed DVD of this series released by ABS-CBN because I got tired reading subtitles and the they had to cut a lot of parts.

english version of One Love- really nice

5.Green Rose

I like this drama very much because of Goo Soo. He's really cute. I watched his series Marrying a Millionaire and was really impressed because like Song Hye Kyo, I was surprised that he could act like a dumb and funny person. The Philippines is going to do a remake of this one and I do hope they don't botch it like they did with Only You, My Girl and Lovers in Paris. The cast were okay with these two dramas but they twisted the story so it didn't seem like it was the same. ( I personally prefer the remake of Stairway to Heaven and Fullhouse).

These are my favorites so far. What about yours?

Before the Korean Wave/Halyu Wave hit the Philippines, we also went gaga about Mexican/Latin America Telenovelas-and that my friends is another story. :-)


MacKayla said...

It's amazing how your favorites are mine too!! If you get into kdramas again, I recommend Smile You. It's a very good drama!

Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi there, the last kdrama I've seen recently was Shining Inheritance. I'd try to look for your suggestion. I've heard a lot about that drama. Thanks for the suggestion.