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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Myth Of Circle Lenses

Pin It Now! Like most of you who are into the halyu wave as of the moment, you'd notice that there's a fad going on about big doll-like eyes. Like most ulzzangs (best face) a lot of us girls also wanted to look like the innocent porcelain faced korean girls which led to the BB Cream and Circle Lenses fad.

I finally had the courage to try Circle Lenses. I am very much scared of using contact lenses because for one, I have a 20/20 vision even if I'm a certified bookworm and I don't want that to change. I'm also very much fearful because on my right eye, I have a visible red vein I have ever since I was born.

Before I ordered contact lenses, I first went to the doctor to examine my eye because lately I have trouble seeing things from afar. The doctor said that I have astigmatism but it's very low for me to use graded glasses nor does he think my vein would be troublesome to me since he says it's actually a varicose vein.

So, with all things clear, I went and ordered from this trusted multiply seller. I asked her which of those doll-like circle lenses are the most natural looking because I don't wanna look like a big cat. So she suggested this one in brown:
My package finally arrive last Wednesday. I waited till awhile ago to try it out since I have to ask my friend to teach me how to put on contact lenses. Boy, putting contact lenses is a bitch! I spent an hour (break time) trying to get it right but to no avail. My friend tried to put it on my eye but still I kept on blinking. No matter how hard I stretch my eye and make excuses that I have tiny eyes, my friend insisted that putting it in isn't impossible as I was about to give up I went back to work and bought myself a solution and tried to do it an hour ago here in my house. After finishing 1/4 of the solution I bought, I finally got it in my eye. The trick was for me to use my pinkie insted of my index to put it in place.

I was amazed how natural it felt. I didn't feel like I was having any difficulty seeing things nor did I feel something was on my eye. It felt like there was nothing inside my eye. Since I just took an antihistamine (makes me feel drowsy), I suddenly got scared that I might not be able to take it off on time. So I freaked out a bit and it took me 20 minutes and a phone call to my friend to take it out. I kinda got a bit panicky when the lense would stick to my finger that I have to sort of scoop it out gently.

I have contacts on the right side, compare it to the one with no contacts, there isn't much difference

The seller was right, it looked really natural. In fact it's very natural that it didn't make any difference to my appearance as I have expected. I have expected looked dolly but no- it just made me look like normal me. LOL! I guess I have high hopes. It's really nothing special if you ask me. It doesn't really alter the way I look.

I think eyes' like Kristin Kreuk's (in terms of size) is prettier than ulzzang eyes

I'll just stick to my natural look

I felt like I was myth-busting. Ok, so maybe I was expecting too much but then, so are others. This is probably the last time I'm gonna use circle lenses, I love my eyes just the way they are without lenses and of course, don't want to damage them as frequent use of circle lenses does. So there- one curiosity is satisfied.


Anonymous said...

Well, for what is worth, I do see a difference in your eyes :) And I honestly think they look really nice with the circle lenses!

Whizzer's Rose said...

thanks...I have stopped buying lenses though-I really can't get use to it. After all the lenses I've tried, I'd still say this one is the most comfortable :=)