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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bargain Shopping

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Sale season had officially ended in this part of the world which is quite unfortunate for me who just received my 13th month bonus. Anyway, I decided to pay all my debts, so I'd be debt free-for now.  Though, I've been expecting this anytime soon, it has finally arrive.

I don't know where the Pre-Nup pictures fad started but my friend traveled for how many hours just to get these photos taken at a beautiful beach in Saranggani. It's definitely worth it.

My close friend is finally getting to married to her boyfriend of 7 years. I'm very happy for her. I mean, we have close friends too who are already married but all of them had underlying reasons for marrying (ie. a baby is on the way). I am not against those who married because they got pregnant, its for me a personal choice, I as a good friend will support them and not judge.

Anyway, this calls for a shopping trip. She wanted us to wear dresses to the event ( some usually wear nice blouses and denims to a wedding). I have a dress that I bought from Plains n' Print, a Rajo Laurel design which cost me PHP 2,999 or roughly US 25 which is quite pricey. I have worn it on my other friend's wedding and I kinda swore to wear it to all the weddings I'm attending this year but changed my mind.
I went to 3 malls to look for a dress (Victoria Plaza, Gmall and JS Gaisano).

I saw a korean-style dress but it costs PHP720 and I'm very happy that opted not to buy it because when I got to JS Gaisano- I actually bought a dress which is cheaper and also of a good quality. Here are my fabulous finds-all on sale.

This dress from Callia initially costs PHP 700 but is now only PHP 350. I'm very happy with this dress and decided that this would be the dress I'm going to wear for the wedding. It has a pink ribbon for a belt but I was thinking of using a big white belt since I'm gonna wear a white velvet bolero over it ( I think it's too sexy for the church) and white gladiator-type wedge shoes with it. It kinda reminds me of the dress in Confessions of a Shopaholic which Becky wore to her friend's wedding. I'm gonna do away with the gloves of course and of course not that Dalmatian bolero she wore (though I'm a big Dalmatian fan).

While browsing their rack, I also found this shirt which I really love. I love the black tulle on the hem embellished with black sequins. I love the price even more, its only PHP275. It's orginal Price is PHP 550. It's also from the same brand, Callia.

I've also bought another dress/top. I initially thought that it's a dress but it's too short to be one. This is from a different brand, L & M. It cost PHP 550 and it's original price was PHP 850. I've seen this dress before but didn't buy it because it was expensive back then. Now that it's on sale, I finally bought it. I was confused which color to choose their was a very light purple version of this but then Pink won me out.

I also hunted for a few accessories but ended up buying a gold belt. I was really looking for a thicker one but I couldn't find anything I wanted but saw this cute built and bought it for PHP 149.75.

I was kinda feeling like Budget Barbie-esque. I'm very happy with my finds. So this is it for now, I'll be posting some pics from the wedding soon.

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