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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Judge A Book by its Cover

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I’ve always loved books. When I was younger, my grandmother would buy me big books with different stories and I’ve treasured these books. I am a regular at our school library, borrowing 4-5 books in a week. In 3rd grade, I started collecting pocketbooks like Sweet Valley and Nancy Drew. Aside from this books my early favorite classics are A Little Princess, A Secret Garden and Les Miserables.

 As you can see, I also collect Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I absolutely adore Salem, Sabrina's cat. At the back you can glimpse the Daughters of the Moon Series which my sister and I also collected and stacked horizontally are our Spooksville Series which my sister and I loved. We just can't get enough of Adam and the gang's adventure. Unfortunately we were not able to get a copy of the last book of the series.
 I recently got addicted to Sophie Kinsella's books like the Shopaholic Series. I really love the first book and Luke Brandon is just the type of guy you want to marry. I have to stop myself from reading too much Sophie Kinsella books because the guys are just too good to be true that you'd probably unconciously increase your standards in finding a partner-lol. I started reading Sweet Valley Kids in 3rd grade and from then on graduated to Sweet Valley Twins (Middle School), Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley University and finally the Elizabeth Series. The Elizabeth Series is the last one as far as I know.
Here are some recent ones. I have finished Gone With The Wind last year and haven't gotten around to reading Paulo Cohelo's The Winner Stands Alone and Twilight (they're still in plastic wrappers). They are gifts from my cousin. I have stopped reading heavy ones really, it adds more stress. Plus I find Twilight cheesy that or the fact that vampires just don't fascinate me much(sorry Twihards).

Growing up. I have  loved fairytales, until now, novels inspired by fairytales also compose my mini library. These books are a must read. As you can see, the book "Sandwriter " is very much tattered because it has been a favorite for us. It was given to us 15 years ago my Mother's officemate/bestfriend who died last year in a car accident. My mother was the only one who survived and until now,she misses her. Sandwriter, is a story about a spoiled Princess who was bethroted to marry a Desert Chief which started her adventure. Enchantment by Orson Scott Card is also a top favorite of ours. It's a modern retelling of Sleeping Beauty and of course, reading it, you'd wish that you could actually go to setting of the story.
I also read a lot of Biographies like that of Pocahontas and Mary Queen of Scots. Though I have shown in my old blog my pocketbook collection, I am also collecting young adult books mostly having Princesses/ Prince as protagonist. One of my all time favorites would probably be Sandwriter by a Canadian writer, Monica Hughes.

 I love Sex and the City so much. I haven't missed a single show when I started getting hooked to it. I bought the book but sadly, I wasn't satisfied. I also bought the book by Candace Bushnel, Trading . It got me really curious. It's the book about this ambitious Super Model, Janey Wilcox which a reminiscent of a "Rubi" type of character. I'm referring to the Mexican Telenovela which stars Barbara Mori about a girl who uses her beauty to get what she wants- Protagonist is also the Antagonist.

 Chick-Lits also littter my mini library. I've seen the movie, The Wedding Date with Debra Messing and it's one of my favorites. Aside from the good soundtrack (The Corrs, Texas and Michael Buble) it also has a unique storyline. I saw in the opening credits how it was actually based on a book so I searched for the book for 3 months in Manila. I finally got a copy from Fully-Booked at their The Block Branch in SM North Edsa. I just so loved the book and there's really a big difference between the book and the movie in terms of the plot but nevertheless, I love both the book and the movie. Twenties Girl is Sophie Kinsella's latest book( she also writes under a different pen name but those books are mostly about married women) and one thing I enjoy about her female protagonist- it's like a mixture of Nancy Drew, Carrie Bradshaw and Mia Thermopolis from the Princess Diaries which I also have.

 Biographies and Fictionalized-Biographies can also be found in my collection.

I am on a tight budget since I recently bought a new netbook but forgot about it when I passed by this mall that hosted a book sale. I browsed through the selection and brought two books.

Like I said I’m a sucker for Princess themed books that I bought this one. It’s quite an easy read.
 (update: my sister had finished reading this book and it was a good read according to her)
With this one (Selkie), I actually got attracted with the art cover. I don’t know why but there’s something about the design that reminded me of those magical times I spent in our grade school library. Of course, I’ve read the sypnosis and it sounded good but it’s the cover that actually got me.I know and it’s often true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover like I did with VC Andrew novels. I used to like the cover where pretty doll-looking girls are on the front cover and they always end up getting raped. This is the reason why I haven’t read any Daniel Steel because I don’t like it when the protagonist goes to extreme difficulty.  My old English professor would describe them as “shitty”.
Anyhow, my mom would always reprimand me about the money I spend on books, but what the heck? I think they’re investments though  their value doesn’t really appreciate. How about you guys?

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