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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hong Kong Hangover

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It's been almost a month since I came back from my vacation in Hong Kong. I have been swamped with a lot of stuff like school projects, exams, work and seminars. I never realized how hectic my schedule is until I came back from vacation and felt really lazy to go back to work and school.

Overall, my Hong Kong vacation was successful but not as exciting as my Bangkok. Maybe my expectations were really high. Nevertheless, I bought tons of stuff compared to Bangkok where I barely made any purchases. Here's my Hong Kong Haul.

I started taking bucks from my wallet when we went to Disneyland. You can never go home without Disneyland stuff if you're going to Hong Kong. I think that Hong Kong is the most accessible Disneyland in asia compared with Tokyo's because at least flights to Hong Kong are way cheaper than those to Japan from any South East Asian Country plus there's no need to get visa.

I saw the prices and I was like-gosh! They were really expensive when converted to Peso. The Trick is to look for those that come in groups. Like I bought 3 boxes of candies for the amount of HKD75 so that's one box per person. We also bought key chains in pairs because it's cheaper than buying individual pieces and you can split them. One pack is for two people already. Keep an eye on bargains, as I've said in my previous post, my sister and I were lucky enough to pass by this souvenir shop near Tiki Liki where they sell 4 key chains at the price of HKD100.

On our second day, I splurged ( I think it's an understatement) at Sasa. I grabbed almost everything I saw that's below HKD 50. I have been having problems on what to give to relatives back home because Filipinos are known for giving pasalubongs whenever we go to another place. Luckily, my sister found this rack full of mini-size perfumes that are sold for as low as HKD22. I took a handful for my officemates, cousins and aunt. I was surprised to see that they are actually branded perfumes, most of what I got are from Polo. But you also have to be careful though because some bottles are broken.

I have ran out of foundation before I went to HK and I didn't buy a new one because I know that there would be a lot of products that are being sold in HK that I want to try. I bought Palgantong Loose Powder and Kiss Me eyeliner. I also bought make-up removers.

After that we went to Sogo(TST) where they had their Birthday Sale. My mother and sister each bought Lacoste Bags, they cost at about PHP5000.00 but that day they only cost HKD 300+ which is about barely PHP2000.00. I on the other hand preferred to buy a brand that I haven't heard of Cobo. It used to be HKD 800 but I only bought it at HKD399. We also bought shirts from Cen which had cute prints-good for school. I also saw Lisa Lisa, it's one of those Gyaru brands and it's still very expensive even if it's on sale.

Third shopping day was spent in Harbor City. We went to Esprit Outlet and I was able to buy a pair of stretch jeans. I also splurged again on cosmetics. I thought I had been a victim of Sales Talk when I went to Bonjour and was persuaded to buy Catalina Geo Make-up Base but Boy- I am very thankful that I did. This product just rocks. For me it's better than BB Cream because it absolutely makes your face matte and smooth and even. You can wear it alone or just with loose powder. This product is just absolutely fantastic. I hope I can be able to find a local seller of this one online if we ran out of these. I have even ignored my Skin 79 BB Cream because this one just rocks! 

I wanted to shop for more but then I was running out of pocket money and I had saved something for my crafts. I desperately wanted to buy bling bling for my stuff and I was able to find the shop in Sham Shi Po and bought 4 grams of crystals for HKD20 each. I spent HKD100 for this. I wanted to explore more but since I'm accompanied with impatient parents- I just let go and figured PHP600 is already big enough for crafts.

 Some Shirts I bought from a store at Tsim Tsa Tsu Station
I can't remember the store's name but its near the Exit going to Sogo
and beside a money changer

So these are the things I bought in HK for a PHP10,000 pocket money (excluding meals). I think the best purchase my family bought there is this Sony Vaio Netbook that we bought from Golden Centre. It costs about HK2000+ while it costs PHP30000 in here (at least in our city). I love my Asus but Sony's desktop resoluiton is really nice and vivid.

I would have shopped more but then HK is really expensive, You can buy clothes here in the Philippines at cheaper price and better quality. Shopping in HK is really more physical than I thought because as I've said, if you are looking for bargain you have to scourge the street for good bargains. I think that Women's market is highly overrated, most items on sale are just the same and vendors were mean. I  like shopping in Sham Shi Po streets better though  and better items.

Speaking of miniatures, there's this Miniature House complete with Miniature Furnitures at a Disney Store that is very nice.

Currently, I'm waiting for an order from Strapya to arrive so I can begin to bling my Panasonic FX38. I hope it comes soon.

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