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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Saints Day

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Halloween had come and gone. When I was younger, Halloween wasn't really about fun. There weren't any costume parties nor Trick or Treatin'. Though this wasn't how we celebrated Halloween, we also had our share of fun.

Those times, we don't really have any dead to visit except for our uncle, my aunt's husband. We'd camp in the cemetery and collect various melted candles and tell ghost stories. It was fun meeting people at the cemetery and seeing classmates too. We'd go tent hopping while adults talk.

Nowadays, we just go to visit our Grandfather's ashes which we buried beneath a grotto at their house. Last year when my mom got involved in a car crash that resulted into the death of her close friends at work, we also visit them.

Ferris Wheel in the Cemetery

It seems to me that the real essence of the celebration had been overshadowed by commercialism. Sure, I would have wanted to go Trick or Treatinng and wear costumes but then whenever I think of the people who left us-there might be some anticipation on their part for that single day in a year when you'd specifically remember them.

I have written a gothic short story years ago as my entry to Soompi's Short Story battle. It has a "dead person" theme  that I'd like to share to anyone who might drop by my blog.

The distance between Yuan and I has never been this far.

I sat here in this tiny café near the windows where he and I used to hangout. I closed my eyes trying to reminisce those happy afternoons that we have spent together on the same spot. 

The aroma of coffee wafted through the air arousing the senses of the sluggish and warming the hearts of the lonely. The café was unusually full today, this is probably because the warm glow of the café enticed people to drop by and leave behind the gloomy humid weather outside.

Three tables away from where I sat with his back on me, Yuan and this girl in red was enjoying the caffeine-induced hyperness that was evident as they chattered mindlessly. It pained me to see him at such a distance. He was so near yet so far. 

I watched as this girl tilted her head, her golden blond hair tumbled a little farther down one perfect shoulder. A sudden surge of jealousy coursed through my veins and I hastily looked away as I struggled to repel bittersweet memories of the past that threatened to weaken my resolve to find out the truth.

“I could get used to this everyday,” I said in between sips of my cappuccino. 

“Adrianne, here’s what I could get used to: having cappuccino with the girl that I’ll love forever,” he said as his golden brown eyes glowed like embers.

He took my hand into his and from that day on we were inseparable. 

Heavy rain started to pour outside. I thought of all the things I could possibly give just to be the one sitting right in front of him. Was it possible that after a month and ten days he has forgotten me? The rain seemed to sympathize with me as it poured harder. I had to know the truth even if it is painful. It is the only way I can have peace. 

I knew they were leaving. I stood up beating them to the door, never bothering to dodge people who came in and out of the tiny cafe.

I stood there in the rain and waited for them. I observed people hurrying down the street. The raindrops pelted angrily on the sidewalk when they finally came out of the café. I watched him as he and his companion tried to make a run for it.

He unzipped his leather jacket and pulled it over his companion to keep her from getting wet the way he used to do when we were still together. 
I was convinced at that moment that the distance between us has taken him away from me; I was nothing but his distant past. But still…

He opened the door of his new shiny black car for his companion, of course after what happened more than a month ago, he needed a new one. The last one was crushed. In my mind’s eye I remembered the tiny pieces of glass from the windshield littered the slippery street that faithful night.

Again, I knew he was leaving and the distance between us will be greater than ever. I ran up to him as the rain continued to fall harder. I reached out and placed my dry hand on his damp shoulder. The instant that my hand touched his right shoulder, my last days with him flashed through my mind.

We were driving in silence down this narrow highway, he had just asked me something and was waiting for my answer. I slipped off the silver bracelet with my name engraved on it from my wrist. I hooked it around his wrist and he turned to look at me.

“Yes, I would gladly be a part of your future.” I said.

“Adrianne!” He grinned at me and reached out for me when at that moment, a ten-wheeler truck came out of nowhere.

“Look out!” I screamed as he tried to avoid a collision with the truck. The car hit a lamppost. The impact was so hard that I felt it reverberated through my bones as the car fell and tumbled into the steep ravine. The last thing I heard was his voice screaming out my name and the rusty taste of blood on my lips. The sound echoed from a distance that now separates us. The distance that was inevitable.

He looked around with that look of confusion on his face it was the first time in forty days that I saw him clearly. He was wearing a dirty t-shirt, old jeans and sneakers. His eyes were dull and bleary I lifted my hand as if to touch and trace the outline of his unshaven chin. I looked at the face of the man who had suffered pain and misery and immediately knew the answer to my question. 

Naturally, he won’t see me. He lifted his left hand and touched his right shoulder, the very spot I’ve touched a second ago. As he did so, I noticed the silver bracelet twinkled as it caught light from the distant streetlamp. It was the bracelet I wore since my sixteenth birthday, the bracelet I managed to give him before I left him. He had seemed to recover from a second of nostalgia and slowly opened his car door.

I watched his new black shiny car sped off the highway, as it slowly gained distance- distance an interval in space and time and in this case, between life and death.


On a happier note, I have finally gotten the courage and the extra money to order from Strapya. I ordered this lacquer that looks like a nail polish. You're supposed to put it on your gadget before you start decorating it with crystals so that if you don't like the outcome of your design, you can just peel it off without destroying your gadget.

 I was kinda apprehensive but then I really felt the need for this as I'm itching to bling out my camera. So, I ordered and the shipping cost me more than the product itself. I didn't dare order more because I was scared that Customs might hold it.

I thought this was the custom bill but it's an additional postal fee

My package arrived 5 days later (excluding weekends). I was so happy when it arrived. I'm so gonna order again soon.

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