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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Shopping Crash

Pin It Now! It's been days since Christmas and here I am spending a lot of time at home because I have went slightly over budget with my Christmas Shopping. To top it all, I'm very pissed with my HSBC credit card. I forgot to pay my bill and when I got my bill for this month, I was billed another 50% of what I originally owe.

Last month when I went to Hong Kong, I wanted to have a Visa card since all my credit cards are Mastercards. I wanted a Visa in case of emergency like what happened in Bangkok when there was a system error with Mastercards and we nearly almost did not come home on time because we weren't able to pay our tickets with our credit cards. I went to see my friend who works for HSBC and applied for their Mabuhay Miles Visa Card. I was very impressed back then when my card arrived barely a week after I gave her my application. 

Now, I know for a fact that when it comes to overdue charges, HSBC and Citibank cards are sadistic. You just miss one day of their deadline and you'll be charged with PHP600.00 plus finance charges computed on the date you purchased your stuff. I did use my card once and paid it the next day but then last October, I was so in a hurry to buy a present for my cousin's debut that I forgot I charged it on my HSBC card, and when I got my December statement-there it was my bill now more than a half of the original amount I owed. Now I'm gonna cancel my card after I paid it-but can't connect to their toll free's cancellation department. FML!

I know I should have been responsible. I know it's also my fault but I'm not gonna risk it again. I don't want to end up having a negative file on BAP. I should just stick to my two trusted cards, BPI and BDO they're cheaper and got a lot of freebies.

So I'm gonna stop yacking about my epic-fail of credit card. So what did I get this Christmas?

 Khun Nam

I got a Nike shirt,Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and a stuffed rabbit which I named Khun Nam (after my favorite Lakorn, Thara Himalaya- I don't know what "khun" means in Thai but "The Khun in my rabbit is a shortcut for "kuneho" Filipino word for rabbit)

I'm 25 but I still enjoy my stuffed toys-in fact I'm not the only one in the world. I read this very interesting article in Time Magazine's December 13 issue with Julian Assange on the cover. In an artilce entitled Playing Around by Belinda Luscombe, you can actually send your most price stuffed toy on a trip to Paris if you can't afford to go there courtsey of .

I'm a frustrated traveler myself and I dream of one day, I'd be able to go to Paris but until that time when I can afford to go there, I can have any of my puppies go on a tour their. The only thing that scares me is that if they'd get lost on their way home. I know I'm such a sentimental person-sappy if you might say but that's me. In fact whenever I see old toys being sold on the street-I actually feel a tug in my heart. I know that I should be happy because some child would be happy to have new toys but I just feel sad for those toys like they have feelings too.

Through the years, I have been really excite to unwrap my Christmas gifts but as I grow older, I find it that I enjoy people unwrapping gifts that I give them. I guess when you get older you'd realize the true essence of Christmas-it's giving.

And so for my Christmas Hauls, I bought myself two flat shoes. I know that I should start practicing wearing heels more than two inches but then, I just can't help myself when it comes to flat shoes.

I also bought my netbook a Hello Kitty case- I have yet to bling out my netbook since what I did was an epic fail.

Also, along with Christmas presents, there's also the food. I had fun eating at my favorite Japanese Restaurant, Rai Rai Ken and ate this sumptious dinner after all the shopping.

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