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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Day in Pearl Farm

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Yesterday before summer (since we live here in the Philippines, summer is from April - May) officially ends, we had our office summer outing at Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Actually, we couldn't afford to go there if we would only rely on our office summer outing budget but then since we had sales commissions we were able to afford it. For all of us, this is our first time to go there even if we practically lived our entire lives here in Davao. It is because Pearl Farm is a very exclusive resort that only rich people can afford (there was a time before that you have to pay in dollars) to go there but then they have lowered their rates due to the fact that a lot of competitors have sprouted all over the area offering affordable rates. For our day tour, we had to pay PHP1,550 per person which is inclusive of a buffet lunch (but drinks are excluded) and boat fare since we had to cross the sea to Samal Island which is a 45-minute ride from the city.

Pearl Farm used to be literally a pearl farm where pearls from Sulu were cultivated until it was developed into an exclusive resort. There are lots of pearls here in the Philippines, a Chinese office mate of mine advised me not to wear it especially that I'm a single woman because it signifies tears or something.

First off, you will have to endure a 45 minute pump boat ride from the Pearl Farm Marina to the Resort
the Pearl Farm Marina resembles a Mexican-styled Villa with a rounded driveway where a fountain stands at the middle. I think that it also functions as an inn because I saw some people by the pool side, I doubt they're from the resort.

We left the Pearl Farm Marina at 15 minutes to 8 and arrived at 8:30. Pearl Farm is located at the coast of Samal Island but adjacent to it is a tiny Island called Malipano (which is still part or the resort) where VIPs stay. You have to take a 5-minute boat ride from the main resort to Malipano but it is complimentary for day tour arrangement. There you would see beautiful Villas and it's a very quite resort, it's ideal for couples out on their honeymoon which they are offering a package of PHP24,000 for a 2 day 3 night stay which for my standard is very expensive because it's equivalent to a 2 round trip airfare from Davao to Bangkok via Cebu Pacific.

Aboard the pump boat, they actually serve you mineral water in a cute bottle. Thank God for this because I was really parched. The heat was just too much. Going there, you would pass by this tiny islet that we call "Wishing Island" because you're supposed to make a wish if you go there. Upon arrival at the Pearl Farm dock, you'd be greeted by waiters handing out welcome drinks. I love the cool melon drink.

Since it was a weekday, we expected that there won't be that much people on the resort but we were wrong because there were a lot of people especially foreigners. There were Koreans and a lot of Caucasians married to Filipinas. I guess I shouldn't be surprised if five years from now, seeing Caucasians all over the place would be normal like in Bangkok.

It is really hot these days, I don't know if it's because it's summer or it's just that we are experiencing the effect of climate change. I have to wear shades all the time. Instead of feeling energetic over excitement, we easily felt tired and sleepy because of the heat. We took the boat again at 2 pm and slept along the beach at Malipano Island where it was really breezy and quite. We get to feel like rich people lounging on beach.

We also took a short trip around the resort on a cute golf car. It's not really that big so if you're the type of person who really just wants to see a lot, I do think you'd be bored after five hours. It's just that the resort is really designed for people who wants to swim and relax. There are actually two swimming pools in the resort, an infinity pool and the other one which is more private located next to sauna where we saw lovers. The view on top of the hill was amazing, you could see Malipano and the City at the distance.