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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Bag Collection

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Summer Must Have, Small Beauty Haul

Pin It Now! Since summer has officially ended for us here in the Philippines and it's back to school (I'm back to school as well ), I want to share the essential things that I always carry around this summer for those of you who are yet to experience summer.

These things are basic necessities but still a lot of people do away with them.

First would be a sunscreen. The higher SPF the better. I use Nivea for the face and body and Aromacology on the body when I'm out. This one is kinda easier to apply because you just have to spray and it's very handy.

During the summer there were a lot of power interruption due to a thin supply of electricity in our place that it made summer 10x hotter that I've gone crazy and bought 3 battery-operated fans. The first one I had broke easily and the second one barely gives air but this one is the best I've bought and it's really small and it comes in a cute package that reminds you of an Ipod Shuffle case. I bought it in Rustan's for less than a hundred pesos.

Of course, you also need your shades. In this pic, this is the Christian Dior shades that almost got me broke thanks to the store cashier who wasn't paying a lot of attention when I said to have it on installment with my credit card instead of using my straight credit line. I got pissed but then the good thing is, I don't have to endure paying for a long time. Anyway, I love this shades and it feels good to finally own something that I never thought I could afford on my own because it's on sale 50% off.
Last but not the least, a handy umbrella. I use to have a 5-fold umbrella that I bought from Bangkok which I really love but one of the ribs broke so I was forced to buy a new one and I bought another 5-fold one here but then I find it difficult to fit in my bag even if it's small and usually 5-fold umbrella breaks easily so I bought a new one which is 3-fold, plastic ribbing and very slim that it fits my bag perfectly. It's also good to remember to buy umbrellas that have UV protection and not just an ordinary one.


I'll also feature my new beauty haul, I've ordered them from a trusted multiply seller.

Shills Eye Whitening Gel

It's leaves a cool sensation after I apply it on my eyes but I have yet to see the results and I'm gonna update you on this one

Majolica Majorca Neo Mascara

I finally have the MM Mascara that a lot of people are raving about. I'm gonna post a review on this one soon.