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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pimping Out Your Phone Using Sticker

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I love blinging out my stuff and one of those shows I love watching online were those shows on how they bling out their stuff. This one is a favorite of mine from Xiaxue's Guide To Life. In that video she blinged her phone by doing it one by one.

The fact is, I'm a lazy person so I prefer doing the stick on ones. It's also a bit difficult to use the stick on ones because there's a lot of adjustments to make to fit the surface of the stuff you're decorating and you must also have a strong pair of scissors because you're gonna cut part of the stones/rhinestones. Here's how I did my Samsung Star. Hope you enjoy it.

PS: sorry for the crappy lighting, one of the lights in our room got busted and I'm kinda scared to use it again.

Crafts Haul from Chinatown

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Photo by Richard Noel

Last Tuesday, I went to school and found out that we don't have classes (so much for waking up early). Instead of going back home, I decided to visit Chinatown. I loved this place ever since my college days when my friend and I would look for giveaways for our organization's events. After graduation, I worked for a bank in that part of that area and I really love looking through shop windows before going home, just takes the stress off away from me. Of course aside from the scene, you'll also love bargains like buying cute flats to walk in before and after office hours (made my heels last longer if I only use it inside the office) at only PHP 150 or lower, huge bags so that you could put all your gym stuff inside it and a whole lot more.

That day, I was hunting for cellphone stickers. I bought mine from the mall and it was PHP80 per piece but then I met this girl while I was on field the week before and saw her cellphone which she also blinged out and asked her where she bought her sticker and she said she bought it in chinatown at only PHP30 per piece. It was quite a big difference from the mall. Finally, I discovered the place, it's actually not on the main road but I've passed by it a lot of times when after work we would go to the gym on the main street from our branch.

It was for real, the stickers were really cheap plus there were more varieties that there were at the mall. I bought about six packs.

I also bought jewelry-making stuff. I've always wantedto make jeweled stuff like headbands, bracelets and earrings but didn't have the right materials. I've just learned how to make miniatures from polymer clay and just mastered making roses and cupcakes so I am very optimistic I will be making my own charm bracelet soon so for the meantime, I just bought beads, hooks and a chain all at below PHP20 each pack. I blinged out my Samsung Star that night and on Thursday, my friends saw my phone and also wanted to get some stickers to decorate their phone so we went back to the store after our seminar and instead of buying stickers only, we also bought fashion earrings which were really cute. Here's mine:After we made our purchases, my friend went to the mall because she was meeting her college friend there. They were able to pass by this shop where she saw the exact same pair (the one at the bottom) and it was priced at PHP170 she asked the sales lady if she could haggle. The sales lady told her she can't because it was stainless. My friend smiled secretly because we just bought that at PHP67.

Really had fun shopping there. I'm gonna post my video how I blinged out my Samsung Star since a lot of my friends are asking how I did it because they're gonna bling out their phones too.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Link Your Paypal Account To Your BPI Account

Pin It Now! A lot of people are asking how do they link their BPI account to ther Paypal Account. So Here's the answer folks but before that let me tell you some things and please read carefully:

1. BPI doesn't have an official tie-up with Paypal so there's a corresponding charge for every transfer, If I'm not mistaken, they charge PHP150 and don't ever think of complaining because this is doing business.

2.You can only enroll your BPI Express Teller/ATM Savings account and not your passbook account.

3. It takes at least 3 days for the transfer to be completed so don't panic when you see in your paypal that the transaction was done and you still don't have the money in your account if it's within a 5 day period (excluding weekends because they are not considered as banking days and also USA is one day behind us so if they send it on a Thursday it's actually sent on a Friday at a local time so earliest estimate time of posting to your account would be on Wednesday late afternoon)

4. If it's past 5 days, ask for assistance and call the toll free 89100 for Metro Manila and 180018889100 for Provinces. Best time to call would be late in the evening just select "remittance" from the menu or dial 0- 0- 1 to talk to a phonebanker.

5.Last but not the least, YOU NEED A CREDIT CARD to enroll and NOT A DEBIT CARD (at least for those in the Philippines) Treatment of Debit Card varies here and abroad. Debit Cards are treated as Credit Cards Abroad but when you say Debit Card here, its features are limited. You can only use it for purchasing at the department store or grocery and not online unless they have tie-ups like Metrobank and Cebu Pacific.

So here's the Step

1. Go to Paypal's website

Choose Sign Up if you're not yet registered

2. Choose Personal3. Fill up the form until you come to this part. Please enter your CREDIT CARD and not your
ATM card number. It is better if you use your own Credit Card to avoid slow verification. When you're done, log in to your Paypal Account

4. From the Menu, Select Profile and from the drop down menu Select Add/Edit Bank Account

5. Add your bank Account. Type in "Bank of the Philippine Islands" on the Bank Name portion and the bank code would be 010040018. This is the tricky part. Usually, your BPI account number is at the back of the card above the signature panel, it's only ten digits but for this transaction you have to encode the 16-digit card number in front of your card. Don't worry about this-BPI knows what to do with that just make sure the Account Name matches the Account Number or else Paypal will charge PHP 250.00 plus you might not get your money on time. You'll be receiving a confirmation e-mail from PayPal after they verify your account number.

Before anyone would bombard me with questions how to enroll other Bank Accounts- I'm sorry to tell you- but I do not know. This is as far as I can tell you. I haven't tried using PayPal Online because I only buy thru Multiply from local sellers so I won't be able to answer any questions about purchases.I hope I was able to help anyone.