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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Namie Amuro - My Style Icon

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Namie Amuro

Four years ago, my sister discovered a Japanese version of this song we really like, Wishing On The Same Star. It was sung by Namie Amuro and back then, I don't really know that much about her. I loved her version too even if she pronounced the word "wishing" like "wizzing" (lol! I guess just got a phonetics exam hangover). I googled her and found that I really love her music and instantly wanted to know more of her.

My cousin who was working Japan at that time told us that she already has a son and I was shocked because she doesn't look like she had one because she's very sexy and was quite surprised to know that she's in her 30s because she looks very young.

Aside from her music, I started to like her style. I especially noticed her style when I first saw the video of "Can't Eat, Can't Sleep". I love the hat and the simple get-up of a white shirt tucked into tight fitting jeans. Her signature look is probably the curly hair (loose curls/beachy waves), light lipgloss and she rarely use circle lenses (though in this pic she does) which is quite uncommon for Japanese cover girls. She always appears fresh.


Namie has been a cover girl for a lot of magazines such as Vivi and since I can't get a copy of those magazines, I look all over the net for copies of her cover which I really love.

One of the thing's I really love about her are her hair accessories. Of course, the return of big headbands can also be credited to Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf but then it's Namie's that I really love the most.


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These headbands are really in right now and I looked for those that Namie wore in her magazine covers. Luckily, the mall where I'm currently working at released a line of accessories that had those headbands that looks like what Namie wears. I took the chance to shop.
Before the pictures, just would like to say that I'm not claiming that wearing these accessories would make me look like her but rather I want to have something inspired by her look. So here are my finds.

The Big Bow
It is otherwise know as the Minnie Mouse bow
The other day, a client of mine who came from the UK wore a large purple bow
on her head and people were looking at her like she came from another planet
and it didn't help that she was wearing short shorts and a skimpy top. This is one of
those things I don't like about living in this small town coz when people attempt to
experiment with their look , these people would look at you like your escaped from jail.
This is one of the big differences I noted when I w
as in Bangkok, people would often
dress up when they go to the mall while in here, people would just look like they woke
up from bed and go to the ma

bought this one at PHP 149.00/ $ 2.50
I love the sequins and when you wear it,
it really pops out even if it's black

but of course I can't wear it to the offic

Flower Power


Namie Amuro has been wearing a lot of these in her covers.
I especially love the big ones that really pop out. Like the picture above,
she's just wearing jeans over a sweater and made the look chic by sporting
the flower hair accessory and cute chained belt.



I used to have a pink one that I bought from Accessorize when they had a sale and
wore it all summer but I left it at the province. I wanted to buy some of those clip-on
ones from Accessorize but they cost twice of what I would pay for a headband from
the mall.

While this one just cost me the same price as the bow one. I love the
zipper-like detail of this one and the size of the flower is just right.
The tricky part of selecting one is that you have to have the right size and
design, otherwise you would look like you're wearing a cabbage on your head.


It would totally match my black bolero which also had the zipper-like
detail along the collar

Jewel/Crystal Headband
These types can be worn in a lot of ways. It can either be a hairband
or a headband. These were really hot a year ago that when
we had a bankers night, every girl was wearing one. It was sold
anywhere and it costs from PHP300-PHP 50. Luckily my sister's friend
makes these and sells it at a very low price plus you can actually choose
the beads.


The hard part of wearing this as a hairband is that it's actually heavy
and it really doesn't hold hair that much so you have to
think of ways to make it stay in place without sliding off


Maybe I was unconciously channeling Nicole Richie, kinda looks like her smile.
LOL! She's also known for wearing these types but hers are of course
made of real swarovski crystals.


The Cap

Namie Amuro is also fond of wearing caps/hats.
My favorite would be her cap from her
"Can't eat, Can't Sleep" video.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of it yet,
I have seen some but I want the white one like the one she wore.

The closest one I have is this black one.
It's also har to choose a cap because it can
make your head small or it could make you look
like you have a fat face.

The Shades


I'm not a dark shades fan. I had a one and my Mom would tease me that I look like a blind person. I have since then bought shades like my favorite Dior shades (the most expensive pair I've bought)
I have left
a number of things these past few days like my wallet and phone and I guess I've been absent minded lately and thank God I just left them at home or at the office so it kinda made me scared of bringing my Dior ones so I bought a cheap one so that if it gets lost I could replace it.

I love the braided detail at the sides of this shades.



Aside from protecting your eyes, you can also use it as an accessory
or a headband. LOL!


Last but not the least, you can just tie your hair in pigtails.
Taking hair off your face gives you a neater
look and of course, it doesn't take that much time.
The trick is not to make your hair look flat.
I got tired wearing falsies so I took them off.
Not really used to wearing falsies.
LOL! Anyway, without falsies, this look works better.

So there you have it. I curled my hair for this camwhoring session. I used one of my most priced possession, my vidal sassoon 10 in 1 pink series. It's been said that Namie had inspired the gyaru look and was really a big style icon in Japan, You guys can check this one out, it's very interesting.

Here are also some interesting things on how Namie Amuro had greatly influenced styles in Japan:

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