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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding Bliss

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For every girl, there comes a time when you daydream about the future, particularly your wedding day (well, maybe there are a few exceptions-lol!). I have always wanted a big Cinderella-like white dress and have it done in an old church-very much like telenovela weddings that I’ve watched growing up.
Thalia's wedding gown was-very telenovela-like when she married Tommy Mottola
for me back then, the fluffier the better

even Carrie Bradshaw can't resist the lure of a big fluffy gown especially if it's a Viviene Westwood one

 korean dramas also have their fair share of gorgeous fluffy gowns like these
(though my favorite would probably be Kim Tae Hee's wedding dress in Love Story In Harvard but unfortunately, I can't seem to find a full picture of her wedding dress, if you have though, feel free to PM me :-))

Up till the time I have graduated from college and started working my ideal wedding suddenly turns simpler as I grow older. From the Cinderella-like gown that I have in mind, I now prefer a very simple dress, preferably something inspired by Song Hye Kyo’s dress from the K-drama Fullhouse or that of Charlotte York’s dress when she married Harry (from Sex and the City). I no longer dream of having it in an old church, I’d gladly have it anywhere near  the place for the reception.

I think seeing her in a short dress actually made me realize that one doesn't need a big fluffy gown to look beautiful at her wedding and besides, I'm kinda on the short side, so having a short dress would make one short girl look taller
 Charlotte York's dress in SATC was designed by Badgley Mischka looking at these two photographs, notice how they seem to have the same style of veil, nothing over the top.

Currently, my preference leans towards these Arabic inspired wedding dresses, the first one is actually worth AED 150,000 by Ecru and it has 200,000 genuine swarovski crystals while the second dress is by famous designer Elle Saab

I hope you've enjoyed my small wedding dress compilation. I'm gonna file it here for future reference :-)
I have been to a lot of friends’ wedding since I have graduated from college. I have seen the simplest to most lavish.
Recently, a very close college friend of mine got married. She married her boyfriend of 6 years in a lavish ceremony last Saturday. I am very happy for her because I know they have been through a lot of tough times and still they ended up together.
A beautiful wedding would not be complete if it’s without a love story.
We were in still in 2nd year college back then when the Davao International airport was bombed by some terrorist which urged the mayor to put the whole of Davao City under  red alert which resulted into an increase police and army visibility. My friend’s family owns a small bakeshop inside the bus terminal while the groom was a very young police stationed in that terminal. He would have his merienda (afternoon snack) at their bakeshop and it was love at first sight for him when he saw her. She admitted that she was initially attracted to his friend and initially thought that it was his friend who was texting her. I was a witness how he pursued her relentlessly. He would call her in between our classes and we would make fun of her by singing “Telepono” by Salbakuta. I don’t need to elaborate on the difficult situations they’ve been through because what’s important is that they are together now and their love has triumph over obstacles.

 I have dyed my hair with Prettia two or so weeks ago and as you can see, the color is still there. Prior to the wedding I dyed my sister and yaya's hair but I'm gonna blog about that next time

The wedding was held at St. Pauls Parish church in Juna Subdivision, one of the oldest posh subdivisions in the city. The motif was two-toned a shade of aqua (My friend and I shared the love of this colors in college-we actually love every shade of blue until I defected and got into pink and coral after graduation) and violet.  Aboard a rented Mercedes (E55), I was able to take a picture with the bride before the wedding started where I could actually feel her tension.
Smile despite the tension

The bride marched down the white rose decorated aisle in an air of bubbles. I was very happy that my new Panasonic F38 actually took a very good picture of the bubbles. I am still figuring out settings and getting to know my camera so my pictures are very much under the NOOB level.  Everything in the wedding followed the Philippine Catholic Church tradition.

After the wedding, they had planned a photo op when the entourage would release aqua –colored balloons in the sky as the bride and groom kissed.

The reception followed at Rancho Palos Verdes. Since the reception was to start at six, we were served with cocktails and appetizers beside a beach inspired pool. I just love the tiny pizza slices. My friend Felix enjoyed these butterscotch-like sweets and marshmallows dipped in chocolate. 

Kudos to those who decorated the room. It was very much like entering an enchanted forest which actually reminded me of Rebecca Bloomwood’s Enchanted Forest wedding in the Shopaholic series. I’m very impressed, the last wedding I went to was a wedding held at a 4-star hotel and frankly, the decoration last night was better than that of the hotel’s.

Unlike the weddings  I’ve been previously, they would only show a slide show of the pictures of the wedding preparations but the crew actually made a video and edited it in time for us to enjoy watching it, I actually felt nostalgic when they used Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s song when they got married, This I Swear.  Thumbs up to the Karlo Tomas crew. The bride was a classmate of his in highschool. They’ve also produced a nice guest book with all the pre-nuptial pictures.  It was a fun night when the whole entourage made their entrance dancing as well as the bride and groom who grooved on the dance floor. Sentimental moments were also present when the father danced with her daughter and when the bride’s mother gave her heartfelt message.


After the wedding, we chilled out at Chico de Cafe and my friends tried out their Coffee Halo-Halo. Halo-Halo is a Philippine dessert with a violet ice cream on top (yam/ube flavoured). It’s in a midst of milk, sweetened plantains, corn kernels, kidney beans and etc. So here’s a treat before I go.