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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ring-a-Ring Circle Lenses

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I had blogged before that I'm never gonna try circle lenses again-but it seems like I'm gonna eat what I said. Since I had my first pair of circle lenses, I browsed through youtube on videos on how to put on and remove contact lenses. The problem I have with it is that, I find it hard to put on and the amount of solution that I have to use to clean it back and forth is such a waste, the worst part of my experience during my first try was taking it off-which was supposed to be the easiest part. After that blog post, I had it placed somewhere in the bottom of my make-up kit because thought I have given up on it.

I have ordered 14.50 in Black, I'm a fan of lenses that are subtle and won't make you 
look like a cat, I chose black thinking my eyes are black but then I realize they are brown
thus, when exposed to light, you can actually see the contrast of the black edges against my own eyes

One day, as I was browsing Multiply, I reviewed my order form and found out that the diameter of that pair of Circle Lenses was actually about 14.8-this could have probably been the problem for me. As a newbie on this, I should have tried using the smaller ones. I remembered when my friend was coaching me how to put the lenses on, she said that she suspects that the diameter was too big for newbie like me. So made me a bit curious and ordered another one with a 14.5 diameter.

When I tried my first pair, I concluded that it doesn't give that much of a difference.
I don't know if this is because of the black color, but I find that this does change the way I look a bit
and I couldn't help but camwhore.

It took me weeks to finally master the art of putting it on. There's still a difficulty on my part to put this size on but it takes me 30 minutes max on putting these lenses on which is a far cry from an hour and a half when I first started.
As I've said I'm a fan of the "not obvious" look, I figured that I could 
probably try the lighter ones in smaller diameters to make it look more natural

Recently, since I have been more confident in trying out lenses, I ordered the Geo's Tri-Color series. It's about 14.25 in diameter and I am very pleased to say that putting it on is just a piece of cake but the problem I have with this one is that it isn't that comfortable and there are times when it somehow becomes blurry. I don't know why though.

 In conclusion, I find that wearing the bigger lenses is much comfortable than the smaller ones. It is indeed easier to put on the smaller ones but sometimes I find myself squinting and it becomes blurry. It looks good from a distance but closer, it's very obvious. On the other hand, it takes me a bit longer to put on the big ones but then it is more comfortable, like I'm not wearing anything. It looks more natural too.

PS: My sister prefers the smaller lenses and she says the bigger ones make my eyes look like a fish's but then I think that the smaller ones makes me look like a cat-LOL!