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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Musings

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It really has been a boring week for me, I just had myself tied up with work and at the same time stayed at home and avoiding the lure of spending since I have seen my credit card bill and was stupefied by it. So now, I'm grounding myself yet again.

 Though I reading chicklits is my guilty pleasure, I kinda like reading about women who knows what they want like someone even compared Darcy to a modern day Scarlett O' Hara- and just how much I love that character.

I have books to keep me company at home. I have enjoyed reading my book , Something Blue which is a sequel to Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and it seems to take much effort to continue with it  (Something Borrowed). As much as I enjoyed Something Blue, Something Borrowed just bores me to death and to think it's the best seller out of the 2. When I saw the trailer though, I kinda wanted to read it because I saw how effective Ginnifer Goodwin was in playing Rachel's role.

I recently found out that , they are making Something Borrowed into a movie starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson and this guy who looks like Tom Cruise but taller. In the story, Darcy and Rachel are best friends since  grade school. Darcy is the beautiful and flighty one while Rachel is supposed to be the cute and serious one. Darcy always has the spotlight until Rachel meets Dex in law school. Very handsome and desirable, Rachel likes Dex but holds herself back from falling for him because of her inferiority complex. Dex asks out Darcy and ends up having a 6-year relationship with her. Darcy and Dex were about to get married when Rachel and Dex hooked up behind Darcy's back.

In the book, Darcy was supposed to be the dark haired one and Rachel the the light haired one. When I first found out about the movie, I thought Ginnifer was gonna play Darcy and I was like, "NO!" and then I realized that Kate was gonna play Darcy and not Rachel.  It's kinda hard for me to picture out Kate playing the boring and serious one-just like Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones switching places in American Sweethearts.

No, I'm not gonna cringe on the cheating part. I just hated the fact that throughout this relationship, Rachel never asked Dex to choose between her and Darcy. She seemed to have no balls to do so and it just irritates me.

 On the other hand, I enjoyed Something Blue because it shows Darcy, though completely selfish go for what she wants and ultimately learning how to be selfless.

Despite this, my friends and I are looking forward to watching Something Borrowed on the cinema soon.


My sister went to a concert and I let her borrow my Ex1. I wanted to see how it would perform in that type of environment. I have always been disappointed with how our old Samsung performed in low lights so I was curious to find out what my new camera can do and here are the results.

The band's Powerspoonz when they performed here in The Tent Matina Town Square.
So far so good, I'm loving the camera and there's so many things to know about it. So I'm taking my time to get to know my camera like a professional photographer once told me. The downside of this camera is that it easily runs out of battery probably because of it's AMOLED screen. 

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