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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday Girl

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When I arrived from vacation, it was one day before my birthday.

I woke up hearing a knock on our door, and I was very happy to receive my latest package from Etsy, my decoden blings. I was a little hesistant to trust their free shipping method and preferred EMS but then the seller insisted that I try the free shipping. It came 15 days after the transaction was made. Here they are.

I haven't finished blinging out my netbook. I have blinged it before but decided to redo it because most of the pearls I've used were not cabochons (flat back) so it is harder for me to do it. I am also running out of the enamel I bought from strapya-kinda worried about it not coming since the earthquake/tsunami.

For my birthday, I insisted that we have dinner at Tong Yang, a shabu-shabu restaurant. A long time ago, when we went there, I wasn't satisfied with what we ate. I wanted to give it a try again. The last time I ate there, I still felt hungry after because we didn't order any grill but this time I was resolute to try everything.

True to my words, we left the restuarant with stomachs full. For only PHP1550, four people can enjoy a full meal consisting of shabu2x, grill, bottomless drinks and fresh fruits. YUM!

On that weekeend, almost everyone was glued to their sits watching the Royal Wedding. I was at the office but it didn't prevent me from getting some glimpse of what Kate Middleton wore, thanks to my handy cellphone-kept browsing the net every 3 hours to catch a glimpse of her dress. Her dress is nice, simple and elegant it reminds me of Lea Salonga's Monique Lhuillier dress that was inspired by Grace Kelly.

As predicted, everyone reached the peak of their Royal Wedding fever as everyone wanted to get Kate Middleton's look for that day. To my utter surprise, Kate did her make-up on her own, I really admire her simplicity.

Lea Salonga on her wedding day, gown by Monique Lhuiller

Out of the three, Grace Kelly's gown is hands-down the best . This style launched a thousand copies, even my Mom's wedding dress looked a bit like this. Don't have a clear scanned picture but gonna update soon.

My Parents-the long-sleeved lace wedding dress probably was "in" back then

Anyway, for those of you who have yet to recover from the Royal Wedding fever, be sure to watch Lifetime's William and Kate. The actress, Camilla Luddington who plays Kate is so adorable.

On the Sunday after that, it was our company summer outing and we went to Punta Del Sol. It is a small beach resort located in Samal Island and is a 20-minute boat ride from the Santa Ana Wharf. It's not a luxury resort like Chemas or Pearl Farm but it's okay. The beach is full of rough corals so it's advisable to pack some crocs or slippers, it is also ideal for snorkeling and diving.  We haven't tried the food though  because we went potluck.

Summer is about to come to an end and rainy days are approaching, make sure to catch the last days of summer :-)

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