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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011 Haul and Sight Seeing

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Last Tuesday, I came back home from Negros Oriental after a ten-day vacation. Since it was the Holy Week most of the time we were stuck at home watching reruns of My Princess, Thara Himalaya and the Georgia Nicholson Movie. For those of you who are not familiar with Georgia Nicolson, she's actually a book character. A lot of people has been calling her the teen version of Bridget Jones. I have her book the compilation of the first two novels of the series. Though I enjoyed the book, I haven't really collected the entire series.

I was however curious when I read somewhere that they have turned it into a movie and how it got good ratings and so I watched it. It was really a nostalgic take on teenage life, an enjoyable movie,. It made me relive my past as a teenager.  

Had a few laughs with my cousin as we reminiscent days when we were younger when we'd spy on our crushes. I also remembered how I also belonged to a gang of girls who would spend the afternoon on the bench talking about the future as we wait for our carpool to pick us up. Sigh! We grew up so fast.

Georgia is aptly played by Georgia Groome. The movie features "Ultraviolet", the song by Joana Pacitti who was disqualified from American Idol Season 8 (won by Kris Allen). Ultimate Scene Stealer award is given to Angus who looked ridiculous with his baby clothes.

On Easter Sunday, my family went out and visited Antulang. Antulang is a beach resort located on top of a cliff in Siaton Negros Oriental. It is has become famous because it was the same spot where Ryan Agoncillo proposed to Judy Ann Santos. It takes about an hour from Dumaguete to go there. My parents have been there before and I haven't. I was always asking them to go there ever since I saw their pictures the year they went there. Luckily, my pleas this year didn't fell on deaf ears and my mother finally consented that we go and visit the resort again. Though the ride was a bit bumpy since we took a different route other than the highway, it was worth it. I hate myself for not asking my Dad to stop the car when we got a view of the yachts parked in a straight line at a small cove. 

The stairs reminds me of the Little Mermaid background

I think that Antulang is ideal for honeymooners because it's very peaceful. The beach is facing the open sea so the waves can get a little rough. The view is just spectacular on top. There is also a private villa where you get your own swimming pool and room service where you don't have to go out and see other visitors-very private. On the plus side, the food is great. For day tours, they charge you PHP200 per pax but ti's consumable and there are occasions when day tour guests are not allowed to swim in the pool because they are reserved for guests.

Last Monday, we went back to Cebu and stayed overnight since we didn't want to travel at night and we want to shop. I was planning to splurge in The Faceshope and the Beauty Bar but then I find the make-up too expensive. I went then to Metro Gaisano and saw Elf Cosmetics. I have heard of it before but I didn't know it was cheap. I was shocked to find out it was even cheaper than Maybelline. I helped myself with their products especially after I saw how cheap it is.

I haven't tried everything yet. So far my favorite would be the apricot beige concealer stick-just right for my sking tone and easy to apply and doesn't cake.

I also went to FullyBooked where I searched for Cameron Dokey books. As I've said, I'm recently into collecting re-telling of Fairytales. I have so far bought "Belle" when I was in Manila and I am looking of his other books, lucky, I was able to find The Storyteller's Daughter (re-telling of Arabian Nights) and Before Midnight (re-telling of Cinderella). I am still in the hunt for the re-telling of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White- my favorites so far. I'm also looking for Snow White and Rose Red by Patricia Wrede. I might as well wait for FullyBooked to open its branch here in Davao. I wonder why Power Books has been failing to deliver these days, I checked their shops and I've never found any of the books I want there. They used to be so strong that they even became a threat to National Bookstore. 

I'm gonna write a review soon on my next blog

Remember Drew Barrymore's Movie Ever After  which was a Cinderella story?
Well, the Prince was played by actor Dougray Scott who also later portrayed Sultan Shahryar in Hallmark Channel's version of Arabian Nights which I coincidentally also saw some years ago on Holy Week.

Speaking of Snow White, remember how I bought Tanith Lee's White as Snow. I have stopped reading in the middle. It's because I can't take how gruesome it has become. It's a very twisted tale. Gosh, I bought it because I was thinking that it was a dark tale but it's so dark is not the right word for it, more like sexually twisted. I was expecting something like Snow White A Tale of Terror but this is not.  I kinda hate how the female characters are in trances that they are not aware that they are made into sexual slaves. I even wondered how people can rate this with a complete five stars.Thinking about this book makes me shudder, so this book is not for people like me.

White As Snow (Fairy Tales)White As Snow by Tanith Lee

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

When I first heard that this book was a "dark" retelling of Snow White, it got my attention especially when I found out that as much as it is about Snow White, it also tells the story of the Queen. On the first few chapters, it got my complete attention. It was hard to put it down but then it came to the point when sex took over the story.

Characters seem to just float with the current as they are in trances for most of the time.

I just can't seem to accept that such a wonderful story could be driven by lust. The only thing I love about this book is the foreword- a lot of interesting stuff about history and how the story of Snow White evolved through centuries.

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definitely tamer version of the two

In Cebu, my mother insisted that she buy me my gift for my birthday which was at that time, two days after. She was insistent that she'd buy me a Longchamp bag, but I am not really that interested in that kind of bag. A lot of people have been using Longchamps (a good number are probably knock-offs) everywhere I go. I always wonder what the fad is all about, I asked someone and she says it's because it is "waterproof" and I was like, "so?". I'm a big fan of big bags with lots of compartment and Longchamp only has one. Maybe it's the colors-perhaps? Or the fact that it can be folded? So we ended up in Travel Club where I saw this Progres bag (made in Japan) for sale and I quickly grabbed it. It's 50% off which makes it half the price of a small Longchamp bag. I'm very happy with the bag so far, it's big and got a lot of compartments and I just love the material. 

 I love how the inside is light pink while the outside is a dark violet with gold leather.

To cap my 2011 summer vacation, we ate at Max and had this yummy chicken sisig. YUM!

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