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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Procrastinate Much, October in Manila

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As I'm writing this blog, there's only an hour and 20 minutes left before Christmas. Allow me, to greet everyone a Merry Christmas xoxoxo

Last October, my mom, sister, aunt and cousins all went to the capital, Manila for a few days. For me it was really uneventful though there are a lot of good stuffs that I bought on sale, it also somehow triggered my ulcer which almost ruined the trip.

Soft Tofu Stir-Fried with Vegetables

White Chicken and Mushroom Congee

sinful Meat Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Always, I drop by North Park and eat my favorite stir-fried tofu with vegetables that makes my mouth water just thinking about it and platefuls of Sbarro's pasta. I just wish these two restaurants would open here in Davao soon.

French Macaroons from Bizou

Tinapa Rolls from Mesa

As usual, we stayed at Durban Hotel near Makati's Red Light District. I somehow like the quirky charm of this little hotel. It's good for photo shoots, unfortunately though, we didn't get to shoot that much because we were constantly on the go since it was my Aunt's first time in Manila, we have to squeeze in a lot of places to see and to look for a violin.

Aside from moments spent in pain, I have had a huge pimple and it left a very visible scar on my face. I tried to use my Tony Moly concealer on it but it is still very much visible. I tried the Lorea'l Spot Correcter but it didn't do me any good. I was really really desperate. I Googled the best concealer that I could get my hands on, and so far one of the highly recommended one was Bobby Brown's Face Touch Up Stick. So my sister and I went to Rustan's as I search for that concealer when we were asked by their make-up assistant what we're looking for. I shyly pointed at that hideous spot and he sat me down and taught me the proper way of applying concealer.
picture from:

You see, I was doing it the wrong way all this time. The best way to do it was to use a brush. Lightly tap the brush with the concealer on the outer area of the spot. Blend it well with your skin before covering the spot. Now with a (lightly spritzed with water) powder puff/sponge, lightly tap it on top of the affected area and VOILA! The concealer costs me about PHP1,600 or something. For something this small- the price is ludicrous but I was desperate back then.

Among the shoes and outfits I bought from Manila. My favorite would probably the one that I wore recently on our Christmas Party. 

The first time I saw the blouse as I was passing the Meg boutique in Glorietta, I just had an image of Nam Gyuri from 49 Days which at that time was still showing, and I can't control myself from buying it. The shoes are from Linea Italia, used to cost PHP 2400 now it only costs, PHP 400. I paired the blouse with a pink shorts from Candy, I figured  that wearing it with a denim pants would take the "cutesy" fell of the outfit.
Picture was taken after the party when I felt really tired so forgive me for the under-exposed photo and the tired smile.


Anyway, there are a lot of stuff that I would like to blog about and make-up reviews that I would want to post soon, but for now, let me leave you with these gorgeous photos of flowers. 

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