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Friday, July 15, 2011

Battle of the Bubble Dyes: Prettia vs Etude

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For the past year, I have been dying my hair using Prettia. I have tried their, Glossy Brown, Bitter Apricot and Moccha Brown.  Now, my hair has grown a good 2-inches or so and I have to cover my roots. I didn't want to spend that much as I've been lately having a lot of spending sprees (I'll be blogging about that later) and I didn't really want to wait a long time.  

And so it was a blessing for make-up fanatics like me that Etude House opened it's doors here. I immediately seized the opportunity to try out their own version of the Bubble Hair Dye craze.I'm quite apprehensive about Etude though because they only have 4 shades.

 Here are my observations and findings after I tried it out in comparison to Kao's Prettia/ Liese.


Prettia costs about PHP600-700 per box if you buy it from Multiply sellers. While Etude House costs only about PHP378-400 and I even got mine with a 20% discount to celebrate their first week here.

What Comes with The Package:

Etude comes with a plastic smock so it has that edge over the Prettia package in terms of  the materials needed.  However, I'd still go with Prettia even if it doesn't have the smock because for one, the mixing bottle that comes with the Etude one is not transparent so it's kinda difficult to see if the solution is ready. At first I was scared that the bottle that Prettia provided will not give me a mouse-like substance because it doesn't look the the regular pumping nozzle but I was wrong. It works well. The gloves that comes with Etude is made of plastic and it doesn't cling that much to your hands and has a slight powdery feel after you take it off while Prettia offers a rubberize pair of gloves that you can recycle, thicker and fits your hand snuggly. What both could have included in their package? A hair cap/shower cap.

inside Etude's mixing bottle after mixing the two substance

Ease of Application

Etude's dye doesn't smell that bad at all. In fact, it's smell reminded me a bit of toothpaste. LOL! I'd say, Prettia is messier to apply in comparison to Etude. The bubble that Prettia produces is more shampoo-like substance (sudsy) than Etude's. Etude reminds me of mousse feels very light on your head when you apply it. The color from Prettia appears at least 5 minutes into application while Etude's color comes out about 15-20 minutes into application. Prettia's smell stings your eyes so be prepared and have a shower cap ready and it feels hot on your head while Etude makes you feel like your hair is very rough and course and the substance seems like it doesn't seep that much into your hair despite the fact that you've been applying more than half of your solution already as opposed to Prettia. There's no need for a shower cap if you're using Etude though because it doesn't sting that much nor does it have a strong smell even after 20 mins.


One of my observations about Prettia was that the color clings more to your virgin hair though it also colors the colored part of your hair and pretty much looks like the color on the side of the box. It's more accurate than Etude's . Unlike Prettia's dye, the color doesn't stick much to virgin hair but rather, it sticks more to the colored part of your hair that it makes it look a bit uneven. The effect on me, my already colored hair looks lighter while my virgin hair is darker-so much for covering the roots. I don't know if it is really advisable to use a bleach or strip my hair color first before having it colored again since I was aiming for a darker tone. What I really love about Etude though is the treatment that comes with it-it's SUPER GOOD! It made my hair so soft, smooth and silky. I didn't have any bad hair day since I applied it on! It's like I had my hair done at a parlor. I wish they were selling that kind of treatment though apart from the dye.

Etude Results

Prettia Results


If you really want to have a noticeable change of hair color, go with Prettia especially if your hair is already dyed. If you have Virgin hair and wanted something cheaper and you're still not sure about what color looks good on you or is still in the experimenting process, go with Etude.