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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decoden Lacquer By Strapya

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Personalizing one's stuff is just one of the ways a person can express his or her individuality. Aside from this, it gives us a chance to show our creative side. I have since started to decorate my stuff specifically my gadgets. People would ask me why I love to this, as this is not that popular in  the Philippines so I have to get a lot of my decoden stuff from international websites.

As you can see, one of the main concerns of those who ask me about my decodened  ( I actually blogged about this before) stuff is if I can still take them off like if someday, I might want to sell them and a guy would love to buy it but he can't live with a gadget with pink rhinestones what can I do? After several research I have found the best stuff to protect gadgets if you want to decorate them. 

You can check on more of this product's features here

So far, it's only Strapya that sells this stuff. I have bought three bottles of this already and so far, I'm a very satisfied customer. Strapya is based in Japan but nevertheless, they deliver on time as promised thru reliable EMS (best thing of all, is that you can actually trace your parcel online!).

One of the cons of having a kindle is that you can't find any nice cases online unlike the IPAD
which have a lot of cases especially those with blings that I would really love but since it can't be helped
I have to take the initiative do decoden mine 

The best thing about this lacquer is that when you apply it on the surface of your gadget, it protects the gadget from scratches or from the glue that you actually use to stick your cabochons. You have to put on at least three coats for maximum protection. If you got bored and wanted to redo your deco, you can actually peel it off like plastic.

My new Xperia Mini Pro. I've always challenged myself or dared myself to be different.
I guess that's the stubborn side of me. A lot of people are buying blackberries and Iphones or Kindle over Galxy Tab
and Ipads but I stuck to something that's functional for me. The drawbacks would probably be that there are not
enough accessories that you can find for the gadgets I chose to buy most especially in here.
Heck, when I went to the store to look for screen protectors for this unit, I didn't find one but instead
had to resort to cutting a generic one to fit mine.

I also use this stuff to protect surfaces of my gadgets, it's much cheaper than having G-mask on which is also unavailable where I live in. So if you guys are into this decoden fad, you might as well try Strapya's  Deco Clear


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