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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blinging on the Heartache

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Happy Valentine's Day (belated) :-)

It's been a long time since I last blogged. I have been planning to blog about this around Valentine's day but lazy bug bit me and had me sedated for a couple of weeks or so.

If there's one thing that people would probably remember me by, it's probably my blinged out stuff. I love to bling out my stuff because aside from expressing your individuality-it can become an accessory.

Had to redo the bling on my xperia mini pro
It's so hard to find accessories for this phone like nice cases.
It seems like everything in the market is dedicated to the Iphone.

When I was younger, I really love wearing jewelry. I came from a private school which requires us to wear uniforms that is why it's hard to express yourself. We had the standard length of skirt (minimum of three inches below the knee)t, what kind of shoes to wear (heals should not be higher than an inch), if blouse is tucked, should not be more than one inch and haircut for boys. If don't comply then we get one post, 5 post= suspension. There was no opportunity for us to look like these:

Definitely a no-no!

We can't even do coats coats coz we live in a tropical country.

Despite this strict rules, one needs creativity to be able to express himself/herself. Like for example, wearing hair accessories, bags (though a majority of us are using Jansport backpacks) thru key chains and jewelry.
Usual bag we all used in Highschool since we don't have lockers and our books are heavy.

After school, I got lazy wearing jewelry so I just stuck with my very simple diamond studs that my mother gave me except for special occasions.

Nevertheless, I turn to blinging out my stuff when I got bored or having my nails done (but this one doesn't really last because I end up having ink on them, thus requiring me to remove them in less than a week).

Lately, I started to fall back in love with jewelry.

It started last November when I was hunting for stuff at this cheap accessory shop in Chinatown that I usually frequent. I was looking for stickers to bling out my new phone and kindle when I started seeing these very cute necklaces and they cost only PHP50(barely a dollar and 50)! Imagine how much these would cost on a regular department store or those shops like Forever 21.
The heart is actually a pendant from a necklace I bought in this shop in Chinatown
but I took it off and placed it in this kindle case/cover I had my mom made for me.

Also last December, after Christmas, I was looking around SM because they were having a sale and I fell in love with these instantly. It's a set actually but even if it's 50% off it will still cost me PHP1800.00 for the set so I opted for the earrings only ( I felt guilty for paying that much for jewelry that isn't real ).

Dangling heart earring I bought from SM, I would love to have the necklace-
maybe gonna buy it soon. The most expensive of my latest haul.

Two necklaces we bought from this stand at Abreeza. One costs about PHP270.
Mine's the dog while my sister got the cat.

The thing is, I am a very choosy person. It takes a long time for me to fall in love in love with an item that's why it takes time for me to shop. Unless I really really love something- I ignore the price tag. One day, I was walking by Accessorize, I swore never to buy from this shop after I bought an hair accessory that broke 3 days after. They were having a sale and accessories are 70% off. I got in and found myself buying three necklaces at the price of  PHP700.

Three tiered necklace from Accessorize.

Simple beaded necklace from Accessorize.

My favorite piece among the three, this butterfly bib necklace.
BTW, My sister and I joined HYPEED. My sister does the modelling here
while I did the styling and the photography. 

Aside from Jewelry, I was also happy to find some nice flats from Primadonna.

You see, it doesn't take that much money to glam up an outfit. A nice pair of shoes like these can highlight your outfit even if you're just wearing a black t-shirt and denim pants. I'm gonna post more looks soon here and on Hypeed. Stay tuned :-)


Maria said...

oh those accessories are really nice!
cute flats too!

PS: Care to follow each other? :)

Whizzer's Rose said...

thanks:-) sure no probs