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Monday, April 16, 2012

My Summer 2012 Adventure Part 1

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So, where is your summer destination?

As usual, before Holy Week started, we went back home to Negros Oriental. This is where my mother was born and where we usually go to every summer. The irony of that is- there's always something new to discover and places that we haven't explored even if we have been going back and forth for almost 25 years.

The next day after our arrival, our cousin took us to our favorite restaurant, Gabby's Bistro. I have posted pictures of that in a previous blog entry (summer 2010?) when we first ate there. Gabby's Bistro is this quirky little restaurant with good food at affordable prices and it has a nice homey feel to it. 


Cajun Chicken Fingers

Beefy Gravy

Bulgogi-Yaki Beef

Cheezee Fries

Potato Parmesan Soup

I've always been the type of person who prefers a quite place to spend time in. I'm not a fan of a crowded beach or pool. I was hoping that we'd get a little privacy when decided to check out a relative's resort which was in our town, Amlan. We went to Escosas' Resort. We were very lucky to have to place to ourselves. We swam until the beautiful  full moon came out.

Speaking of Amlan, this is the small where my mom was born and raised. This place is like my second my home. It's the perfect place for hibernation. Sometimes, I wish I grew up in this town where everything is simple and laid back.

Whenever I see these picture we took, I feel quite nostalgic and sad. It seems like my childhood had slipped away so fast and I had too much fun that I wish it wouldn't last. This place is where we spent our childhood weaving dreams of what our lives in the future. I couldn't forget how we used to beg our moms to let us go into the lake or go to an old cemetery up the hill. Those summers nights spent on gossiping and sharing about our crushes or shopping for stationeries and beads. 

One of my mother's favorite books, We have a copy of this book and it is one of the 
first book we've ever owned
For someone who grew up in the city- my life has been so fast. I am very much exposed to the material world that sometimes it's good to retreat to a place where everything is simple and laid back. When I started this blog, I told myself that I was never gonna write about sad stories or things that piss me off. Lately, I've been really down and unsatisfied with how things turned out to be. I feel lost -like I'm stuck in a rut but I'm very much thankful to have people like my cousin and sister with whom I spent those happy summers- though time may slip away fast-my good summer memories would remain forever. 

I'll post part II soon :-) Infinite xoxoxoxo

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