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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Manila Haul 2012 -Wallet Bustin' Shopping

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What I got- A brief entry on the stuff I splurged on my recent trip to Manila. I do not mean to "show-off" as I got a lot of them at discounted prices. I just felt really happy to be able to share what I bought during my recent trip, many of them
are items that I have wanted to buy the previous year but didn't have enough money to buy but I was able
to save this year . My godmother even told me that I might not be able to see those items again since it's been a year but I think some items are meant to be mine since they're still
all there after a year. :-)

I recently had my vacation which I'm gonna blog about soon. Before that, we stopped by Manila to visit my sister and also do some shopping. Actually, I wasn't really prepared to dole out much because I have to pay for our vacation (tour guide and tickets) but there were really good stuff and the shopaholic in me was unstoppable.

Here are the stuff that I bought ( I bought some other cheap stuff but I think these are those that really busted my wallet/quite significant).

From the left (top)- counterclockwise

Oka B embellished tongs- I bought an Oka B slip-on not so long ago and I was really amazed how comfortable it is compared to products like Grendha and Holster. The only problem is the size. I went to Rustan's Shangrila and Designer's Boulevard but they all ran out of the small size (my size is 6 but for US it's a 5). Thankfully, I was able to find one from Bass in Robinson's place Manila.

Clarks Alabama Sweet in Raspberry- I tried out the black leather version of this one last year but they also ran out of stocks for my size. I saw this one last year and I really wanted to buy it but the price is really steep for something I won't be wearing everyday. Since then, I've been wanting to go back to Greenhills' Cinderella to see if they still have this pair. Thankfully, they still do! The best thing is that it's 50% off- it was meant to be mine.

Via Venetto Hermes Style- I absolutely cannot affored to buy an Hermes Birkin and even If I could, I wouldn't. I saw this bag out of the shop's window after I bought the shoes (description below). I have been looking for a black bag that can stand on it's own- formal bag. I realized that most of my bags are in colors of violet, gold or blue but I've never had a black one save for the black lacoste bag my mother gave me and that black satchel from Salad which is to small for work. I asked the storekeeper if I could look at the bag until my mom volunteered to pay for it-LOL! who could resist something free?

Via Venetto Crocodile Black - Last year, I also wanted to buy this shoe style but they ran out of black and what's left was in Coffee Brown. I was kinda hesitant to buy the Coffee Brown one since the corporate dress code requires black shoes. When we dropped buy they had an available pair. This was also bought at a discount.

Charm Bracelet/Wishing Bracelet- I have seen this one at Rustan's Cebu and Makati for about 3 years now and some of those times I get tempted to buy it but then the price of this bracelet is PHP600+, I was thinking it's expensive for just a simple "brololoy". When we went to Rustan's I saw that it now costs PHP200+ so I bought two-one for my sister and one for me. When the cashier punched in the sale, I prepared my credit card when she informed it's only about PHP100+. LOL! I quickly paid in cash.

So these are my haul from my Manila trip. I used to splurge on make-up but since almost all make-up brands that are available in Manila are now available here-I didn't think it would be worth it to spend on them especially that I have discovered so may alternatives to expensive brands. I plan to blog about my trip soon. Infinite xoxoxoxoxo

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