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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Summer 2012 Adventure Part 2

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"The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake"- Sebastian
That Holy Thursday, we had an urge to go swimming again but this time we went to Sea Forest resort in San  Jose, a town in between Amlan and Sibulan. We were quite disappointed with the place since it was really crowded that day and the pool looks like its made for kids, so we went down to their beach with this funny sign saying, "Swim at your own risk". 

High Tide or Low Tide?

It was a beautiful day that day so we camwhored for like an hour on the beach playing with my EX1. I haven't figured out how to use the manual setting of my camera yet but with a little help from my sister, I slowly got the gist how to fiddle with the manual settings.

The Wonders Of Photoshop
I so loved this spontaneous shot of us but then two photobombers
are very visible behind us so with the "content aware" tool of Photoshop 6-

My attempt at Photography

 Yes, the place does smell fishy!
Yes, I'm now aware that I have the same wacky shot pose-gonna try to change next time.

Afterwards, we went to Our Lady's Garden. This is actually a private residence but they have opened it for visitors for a fee. The house is located on top of a hill which has a scenic view of Cebu Island and the ocean. It can be a little tough though to climb the steep hill especially since it was just after 4pm and the sun was still out and it was very hot. It was a good thing that I wore this very thin dress/cover-up from AngelFish. 

Jo's by the Sea is directly situated in front of Our Lady's Garden
(if I'm not mistaken, the family who owns Jo's also owns the Garden)
You also get an entrance fee discount if you eat at Jo's.

The Climb

The excursion was really worth it though, the serene garden had this very relaxing aura. I wish it was I who owns that place. LOL! It's would be fun to live in a place with that spectacular view.

View from the Top

Aside from the garden, you'd also see some animals on top like dogs, fishpens and ostriches. You can't however ride the golf car or use vehicle to get to the top though because -it is also a private residence.

 Going down is still isn't easy as it looks. There were also statues (?) of the holy family along the side of the  road.

Since that week was Semana Santa, the town where we were staying was also full of activities to commemorate the passion of Christ.

I'm still trying to get the hang of my camera's manual settings, but I do hope that soon I can take nice picture already that will inspire me to finally buy a DSLR. Hope you drop by for the next part of my summer adventure. Infinite xoxoxoxo