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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Summer Adventure 2012 Part 3 (last part)

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We actually went to Lake Balinsasayao the day before we left for Cebu and go home. We have been contemplating whether or not our Mitsubishi L200 which is more than 10yrs old, can still take the pressure of climbing up this very steep mountain- about a thousand feet up sea level. Years before we have attempted to visit this lake but when we reached Lake Kabalin-an which is at the foot of the mountain, we backed out after seeing how steep the incline was.

Finally, my father presented himself to drive us on top. We left the house (in Amlan) at 9 AM. My uncle drove the pick-up until we reached Lake Kabalin-an while my Dad drove us from Lake Kabalin-an to the twin lakes. I figured that words and pictures wont' be sufficient enough to explain and describe our trip up so we took videos.

We passed this narrow road next to a deep ravine which was partially damaged by Sendong- that storm that hit Visayas and the part of Mindanao months ago and left devastating effects like the flood in Amlan as well as the flood in Cagayan De Oro. There were boulders that looked like they're gonna roll of the mountain sides anytime. I guess one of the advantage on riding at the back (not the backseat- literally at the back) of the pick-up was that we can't see the scary twists and turns of the road since we were facing the opposite direction.

Once you reach the very top, temperature drops and you'd feel the very cool and fresh air enter your lungs. You have to hike a bit downwards to the crater of the lake. Everything is worth it for a view of this unspoiled natural wonder.  This area is a protected area especially the area surrounding Lake Danao (it's twin) where wild pigs where said to roam.

You can rent a boat at the price of PHP100 to take you around the lake. Kayaks are also available. One must also endure a 15 minute hike to get to the side of Lake Danao where stoods a look out post so you'd be able to see Lake Balinsasayao's twin.

Some more pictures:-)

 There was a light drizzle during that day so the temperature dropped and it was so cold. When the skies cleared up a bit, I joined my cousin and sister in a canoe ride where I insisted on wearing life vests because I'm a scaredy-cat.

 Troll! My sister thought I lost control of my camera and sent it swimming thus the shot.
 My sister got scared of this dog but this dog is very friendly and guided us on the trail all in exchange of a food:=)

and some more of the lake

No, I didn't fell off the lake, the rain started to pour again as we were ending our ride thus the wet hair. Many thanks to kuya for the safe canoe ride.

 On the way back down from the mountains, the view from the back of the pick-up was picture-perfect and I managed to snap a picture of the beautiful coastal road.

When I took this photo, there was a truck beside the motorcycle so thanks to Photoshop's Content Aware feature this shot was possible

And so, this ends my Summer Adventure n Negros for this year. I will be leaving pictures of sweets that we've tried out at Chantilly's.

Triple Layered Chocolate Cheesecake

Sinful Cake

Blueberry Cheesecake

Well, who knows what next adventures we'll have in the future :-) xoxoxo