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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Internet Shopping: Taobao Edition

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Retail Therapy, one of those excuses why girls love to shop. Doesn't it just feel so good when you get your hands on something after feeling so down for the past week?

I do love to shop but I'm a picky buyer. I'm not really a person who looks at brands but I'm somewhat more of a rebel in a sense that I'd choose something that's unique. A month ago, I was looking for shorts. I can't find anything that fits my budget at the same time unique. I'm not really a fan of those with "ripped edges" or "frayed edges". Though, it may look cool on Nicole Richie, I don't think I can pull that look off.

So when I stained my   (with my own blood)  favorite pink shortswith lace trimming, I was devastated. I couldn't see that stock anymore. I had an inspiration to try out Taobao. I've been really planning to try shopping from Taobao a long time ago when I read this entry from Kim Dao's blog. She was really sweet in sharing how she was able to shop from Taobao even if she doesn't know Chinese. Her blog was really a big help.

Taobao is like the Chinese version of Ebay. If you don't have Google Chrome, it would be hard for you to understand and would be shall we say "lost in translation". I just randomly clicked and behold I found the exact replica of my favorite shorts.

Taobao URL for this Item

Like Pringles-once you click, you can't stop and in the end I employed the help of  Taobaospree, the same agent that Kim Dao used and my agent, Candy was efficient in handling my queries and effective in taking the orders. So, after two weeks-my package arrived.

Here's my haul.

1st Item: Pink Shorts with Lace Trimmings

Very disappointed with this one, the main drawback is that the button looks so cheap plus the there's no button hole that I had to cut it out with the cutter. The belt that comes with it is brittle and there were a lot of loose threads. Though it looks like the exact replica of my fave shorts-the quality is just so bad. 5/10

Actual Item Received

This one is really of good quality. It was so cute but the only problem that I have with this one is that it's a size smaller-I ordered the large size and it doesn't fit me at all nor does it fit my sister who's thin (her hips are bigger though she has small waist) but since the quality is good-I think I can sell this one. 9/10

This is my favorite out of the bunch because it fits me :-).  I can't wait to wear this. I also love how edges were free of loose threads and it was very comfortable to wear. 10/10

All in all, I loved my shopping experience with TaobaoSpree. The mistake I made was that I ordered from three individual seller so that costs me a lot compared to ordering from only one seller. Also, I should have maximized my 1kg since I doubt this three shorts weights that much- I should have bought more so that I my shipping cost would a lot lower than my buying cost. Anyway, there would always be a second time. Infinite xoxoxoxo