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Sunday, July 8, 2012

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In anticipation for the upcoming season debut of America's Next Top Model College Edition this coming August 24, I have decided to repost an entry from my tumblr account on ANTM with minor revisions. This post features my fave ANTM Contestants of all time in random order. Most of the picture were again- compiled through time with the help of Google Search. I don't own any of the pictures. I would also like to credit for some of the pictures. Her are my faves in no particular order:

1. Allison Harvard

- I wanted her to win  ANTM's All Star edition so bad but she lost Lisa. She also came to the Philippines and is the face of Michael Cinco's Perfume by Bench-Impalpable

2. Nicole Linkletter
- She's been my early favorite during her cycle, though her runner-up Nik was also good, I still prefer her since I saw her first photoshoot, you can deduce that she takes good photos that can be both commercial and editorial.

3.Natasha Galkina
-Natasha didn't do well on her early photo shoots but I so love her personality and her spunk. I love the way she handles criticisms and turns them into lessons thus improving her later performances. I love how even if other girls have been bitchin' about her-she didn't fought with anyone and when the other contestants were asked which model doesn't deserve to win and all said her name, I was floored by her response. 

4. Joanie Dodds
- This girl gave amazing photos from day 1. I thought that it was a very hard decision for the judges to make when they were deciding between Danielle and her. I think she's one of the most photogenic contestants ever and this picture is my favorite top model photo shoot concept and most memorable photo from all the past cycles.

5. Amanda Swafford
-Stunning eyes-need I say more?

6. Jane Randall
Doutzen Kroes

Tyra Banks referred to her face as multi-million. Though Ann was the clear frontliner of the cycle by getting best pictures for 5 consecutive times, Jane is one of my favorite. I lover her look and I do know that she's also still pursuing modelling until now and has been signed up with IMG. She reminds me a lot of supermodel Doutzen Kroes from some angles. 

7. Yoanna House
-Also, one of the models I've been rooting for since episode one. I just love the symmetry of her face. I also love watching her in Looks for Less.

Anya Kop
-Though I did not follow her cycle-her pictures looks astounding

Last cycle, The British Invasion. I am a big fan of the British gals Sophie, Catherine, Ashley and Alisha. I love their bubbly personality and also they make a cohesive group.

Sophie Sumner won the cycle

Can't wait for the next cycle, I've been rooting for Kristin this upcoming cycle. Infinite xoxoxoxo