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Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's Handbag

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I love bags and I do have my own collection. I guess I'm more of a bagwhore than a shoewhore. Ever since I started earning my own money, I haven't really bought any bag that was really expensive save for a Lacoste roll bag and my Salad leather satchel that looks like a Proenza.
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OK-I'm no Khloe Kardashian nor a rich girl so I can't afford a Proenza or I can afford that but I have to save a 4 month or so take home pay. Still, I can afford to buy this bag from Salad inspired by that Proenza. This bag also comes in red but I had to be practical and chose the black which is very versatile and can match any outfit and get up. I would really love to own a neon one-in either hot pink or purple. (I know my picture is taken from an unflattering angle which makes my head look
3x bigger  plus the background is ..erm... but it gives a good view of the bag)

The thing about me was that, I do not shell out that much money for a branded bag. I'd rather buy cheap to middle prized ones so that I'd have a lot to choose from. But lately, I've been thinking whenever I clean out my closet and my bags started peeling, I can't even think of a single person who'd be willing to buy it at a cheaper price because it's not branded.

When my new boss introduced me to online-bag thrifting, I was shocked to find out a number of women who were willing to buy bags with flaws- on a cheaper price than the brand new(still in the thousand-peso) bracket. Branded bags like Fossil, Coach, Ninewest, Dooney and Bourke  and other high-end Hong Kong brands such as Salad and Cobo can be bought at a fraction of their price.

So being the bagwhore that I am, I ended up indulging myself. Here are my finds:

Fossil shoulder bag, what I love about this bag is that it's kinda Boho Chic. I bought this one at PHP500.00
There's a very tiny tear at the bottom part of the bag but it's not obvious and the combination
of cloth an wicker (?) is really nice.

This is a Chocolate Brown Authentic Leather Shoulder bag from Salad. It is a Hong Kong brand too. I do have
a bag from Salad that looked like a Proenza Schouler bag that I bought last January for PHP6000 but
this second hand bag, I only bought for PHP850 from an online seller.

This one is a COBO Never Full. COBO is a Hong Kong brand but the leather was made in Italy.
When I went to Hong Kong 2 years ago, I was able to buy a purple Cobo bag
at a discounted price of about HK$400 about PHP2000 and it used to retail at about HK$800.

My spree didn't leave me broke but just a bit tight but I really believe that I did get the best out of my money. Though these bags are second hand and with very minor flaws- I still am very proud of my haul. Aside from the tiny drawback that I have to pay for 3 different shipments (since they are from different sellers), I just love the convenience of shopping on the internet. I also think that if you are to get in this kind of shopping, you must also manage your expectations. These bags make me content for now, I guess it would be months before I feel the urge to buy another one.

Anyone tried bag thrifting??? infinite xoxoxoxo