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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Toast to a New Year

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I have been neglecting my blog for a month or so now-simply because I was so busy during the holidays and after the holidays.  I was also bitten by the lazy bug- but nevertheless I did really plan to blog about my holidays and a "look-back" of the year that was 2012.

The year started out gloomy for me-no thanks to some aspects in my private life but then it kept getting better after the first quarter of the year. I really had fun last year-though I can say that it wasn't exactly "my year" still it was a good year. I had so many places that I was able to visit despite the fact that I didn't go out of the country. From Lake Balinsasayao to the Northern part of the Philippines it was quite and adventure.

Yellow shorts from Cache Cache,lilac sparkly sleeveless shirt from
Forever 21, Slingback wedge shoes from Clark's, gold belt from
Parfois and fuchsia blazer from SM.
Christmas season soon came and we had to don KPOP inspired outfits for our company Christmas Party. I had fun selecting and putting together my outffit and the opening of Forever21 in this city really did help a lot in that.

Christmas Morning- had fun unwrapping gifts!

I really did have so much fun  during the Holidays. I'm gonna end this brief post with more pictures we've taken from Manna - they display lights every Christmas.

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