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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Day at the Museum

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Last May, I had the opportunity to go back to Manila. This time I decided not to take too many photos of things I've bought or food I've eaten but rather, take the time to go to our National Museum. By the way, all photos are taken from my  xperia cellphone's camera and edited on my Galaxy Tab using the application Labelmaker and PhotoGrid.

I'm a history buff and I really enjoy wandering through old buildings. This time I decided to take time off and visit the Philippine National Museum which was conveniently located near the hotel we were staying in Mabini Manila. Though near, we still had to take a taxi cab from the hotel to the museum as I pestered my father into coming with me to the museum.  The museum building is actually the old congress building. The building in itself is art for me.

It was Sunday and the entrance fee was for free. The first room we went in was were Luna's "Spoliarium" was displayed. I was amazed how big it is. The replica I've seen from the Syquia Mansion in Vigan is not even 1/4 of the real one. The replica from Vigan was also used as a guide to restore the original. The massive painting was a gold medal winner in  Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1884.

Adjacent to the Spoliarium is Hidalgo's "La Tragedia de Gobernador Bustamante" which was also impressive.

Here are some of the paintings that I enjoyed. A lot of them are portraits. I'm they type of person who enjoys pictures or paintings of people more than landscapes. I find it interesting how these paintings appeared to have life and the expressions on the faces especially that of Jose Rizal's-borrowing Tyra Bank's word "smize". The painting of the dead infant is kinda eerie but also intriguing. The child has its eyes closed but you can see tranquility on his expression/ A lot of them are by Amorsolo by the way.

Paintings also depicted the history of the Philippines and so were significant events of the past.

The Museum not only displays paintings but also a skeletal model of a sperm whale, sculptures and even plants.

To cap my visit of the museum, I had the opportunity to view the very controversial "Parisian Life" which costs USD200,000.The lady in the portrait can actually be superimposed into the Philippine Map and it would actually fit. Jose Rizal, was said to be one of the men in the portrait. There was a massive debate on why the government has to spend that much money to buy back this national treasure, How about you- where do you stand?


The Chie said...

The museum is so unique. Thanks for sharing.

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Whizzer's Rose said...

thanks :-) will answer asap :-)