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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Secdea Summer 2013

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It's the middle of summer and it feels like I'm living in an oven most of the time. The heat is sometimes unbearable. I guess this is really the effect of Global Warming. Nevertheless, this does not stop people from going to the beach and enjoying the sun and surf-and so did I.

It was just a few weeks ago when an officemate of mine posted a picture of an unfamiliar resort. It turns out that is is the newest resort in Samal Island. The pictures were so nice that I immediately recommended this place to my mom since our own office has a very limited budget.

The newest resort's name is Secdea. It is located in San Isidro, Island Garden City of Samal. Going there, you need your own wheels. Board the barge from the Sasa Wharf to cross over and then it's a 20-minute bumpy ride from the wharf to Secdea.

The lobby.

Behold another world-class resort.The resort is not yet finished especially the beach-so if you plan to dive into the sea water, going here at the moment would be a disappointment. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your time and a 4-feet pool would be enough for your swimming excursions, then this place is for you.

I was very impressed with their Villa. The Villa we rented for an overnight stay costs PHP12,000.00 good for 12 people and an additional of PHP500.00 for extra person with extra bed. The Villa was very cosy. It has 4 bathrooms-two of which is as big as my room (really big) , 2 big rooms and 2 smaller rooms at the back. It felt like America's Next Top Model when we checked out the rooms (so similar to those episodes where models check where they are staying during the competition except we're so far from looking like models hehehe)

The picture of the infinity pool was what actually caught my eye on Facebook. It looks so pretty. Despite the fact that it's not deep, it's still picture perfect for me. The mangrove walk -picturesque.

In fact, the resort's ambiance reminded me so much of the setting of my favorite Korean Series, Full House starring Song Hye Kyo and Rain.

It was extremely hot in the afternoon. We arrived at about 3pm. It was too hot to go swimming so we decided to explore the place first and jumped into the pool for night swimming after our early dinner.

I woke up at 5:30 the next day to take some pictures and experiment with my Samsung EX1-which I'm hoping I'm gonna replace soon with a newer SLR or micro 4/3.

Aside from swimming, there are also other activities like rappelling (not sure if it's available already), fishing (not available yet) and riding the golf car.

Trying out their golf car, I don't know how to drive so I have to be guided. It felt like
driving a bump car.

The beach is not yet finished but if you long for a swim then you can
go jump from the jetti.

I took the picture of their rates, since I know a lot of my FB friends would be asking how much, where this place is etc. I was right and indeed received a lot of inquiries and so here goes a picture of their rates.