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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heart & Seoul Part III -MY 100th Post!

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So happy to have reached my 100th post. It is not easy to keep a blog because most of the time there are a lot of stuff or "going-ons" in your life and sitting down in front of the computer-typing and sharing it can be tedious. I made it anyway- and cheers to the next posts. 


I was always checking AccuWeather and when I saw the night before that the next day would be sunny, I decided that we have to head to Everland. I was very excited to go to Everland especially when I found out that the theme park is one of the biggest in the whole world.

Unfortunately, we woke up a little late-probably because we were all tired from the excursion the previous day during the hike. I had to take alaxan for muscle pain. Most blogs I've read suggested that the easiest way was to ride the subway from Myeondong then do some transfers until Gangnam Station. As I've said, I want to avoid walking as much as possible and so I took the initiative to ask for which bus we would take for Gangnam. Blue Bus no 421 will take you from Myeongdong to Gangnam.

It's a sunny day!

Myeongdong Bus Station 

The bus ride was long but it was fun. It was like going on a city tour. We passed by a lot of places. We saw the War Memorial, Seoul Train Station, The street where they sell antiques and a whole lot other places. We were all seated comfortably since there were only very few passengers.

When we got dropped off at Gangnam, it took us a while to figure out where would go next since what I have is the direction if you came out of Gangnam train station. A few minutes before we realize that Gangnam Station was in front of us. We have to go in the Station and emerge from exit 6 and walk past Dunkin Donuts and cross the street-credits to this blog.

Where the heck is Dunkin??? From the bus station enter Gangnam Station exit 10 and emerge from exit 6

Had to endure a "standing ovation" since we woke up later and the bus is already full. We should have been earlier. It's actually past 11 when we rode the bus to Everland. If we had been earlier, I bet there won't be too many passengers and we could have been seated comfortably. The journey was long and there are a lot of sharp turns and curves and many times I almost fell over or backwards so it is quite hard to stand even my parents have to stand since the bus was full.

When we arrive at the Everland Bus Station, we had to ride another bus again that will take us to Everland. This time I had some tactics up my sleeve (cue evil laugh). I ushered them to the last small aisle so when the bus came, we were the first ones in and was able to choose a comfortable seat.

Finally- EVERLAND!

Place was beautiful. I did a little research and from what I gather you have to print out a coupon to be able to get a discount since entrance fee is KW45,000. I forgot the printout but the ticket seller automatically gave the discount of KW10,000 so that makes KW 35,000 each for the four of us. Weee!

If you are going to Everland make sure you have some extra money since exchange rate is cheaper here. There's a bank inside the park. It was past 12 and we were famished so we looked for a restaurant. Unlike Disneyland, the restaurant serve different menus. We ate at the Oriental Restaurant.

THE SPLASH PARADE! Since it's summer this was Everland's Theme.

Flowers are in bloom. There's color everywhere.

Visible in this picture is the world's steepest wooden roller coaster.

For a hot day, we tried out some refreshments.

Ice Cream Pellets- they melt in your mouth and not in the cup. Hahahaha!

Click to enlarge pictures. This one I like particularyl because it seems like it came from a fairytale book.

Am I in Europe?

OOTD: Yellow shorts from Cache-Cache, Sequined Satin Ribbon Belt from Parfois , Accessories from Koket, shoes from Aerosoles and unbranded blouse from Greenhills-LOL

The nice thing about carrying a backpack instead of the usual sling bag is that you can take pictures with just the straps visible-hehehehe.

What's in a name in which we call a rose?- William Shakespeare . This quote's etched in the bench I am sitting at.

Sadly, we didn't get to see everything at Everland because my parents were worried about how hard it would be to go home since our experience going to Everland was really good. Anyway. there's always a next time. It would be good to note that unlike my suggestion in my Hong Kong post to go to Disney after lunch, if you go to Everland, it would be better to start in the morning since the Theme Park is HUGE. There wasn't even a problem going home since we had to line-up to get into the bus thus everyone have seats.

After Everland, I decided to take them to the "Rodeo Drive" of Seoul or Apgujeong area since it is near Gangnam.

I was expecting a place where there would be a lot of people but it wasn't. Furthermore, we got lost. On the way out of this small street where my Dad bought his Hedgren bag, we got lost. It turns out, I was reading the map north to the west (LOL sounds like Kim Kardashian's kid).  Plus the we have to walk a long long way (5 blocks or so) from Galleria Luxury Hall. We should have gone to Nandaemun instead and Dongdaemun the next day. The good thing is there's only one transfer. We just rode upto Changmuro and changed to the blue line for Myeongdong.

Back in Myeongdong, we did a little shopping and ate at this Korean Restaurant. I forgot the name of the Restaurant but I think it is pretty popular since it was full that night and it wasn't even a weekend. FYI- my father picked this restaurant randomly.

Spicy but so Yummy!
To be Continued.......