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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Summer 2014

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It's been a very long time since my last blog entry. Summer has come and gone but I still have yet to post my summer 2014 entry. Technically, these are pictures taken last month, June-not really counted as summer. Since April, I've been busy with stuff from work and I only had the time to go out and enjoy the sun last June except for the time when I went to my friend's wedding.

Ilihan Beach Resort
Jumpshot- from my research, they say that the olympus epl5 is not really the camera
for movement but I was very surprised when the jumpshots I took came out
nicely and crisp.

I love how secluded Ilihan beach is-we were the only people in there that day
despite the fact that it was a holiday. It is strongly advised to call and
make reservation before going there because the day after, when we dropped by with my family
no one was there. This place is ideal for those with budget.

My sister was home for the long independence day weekend and we decided to go to Secdea. Last time I went there was with my mother so my father and sister haven't been there yet. At first, we dropped by the Marina in Camudmud to enjoy the view. The previous day, we had our belated company summer outing at a nearby beach resort, Ilihan. We were able to get a glimpse of the yachts from the marina but we didn't get to go there. I asked my father if we could drop by and get some pictures.

Ocean View Marina

Then we went to Secdea. A lot of things have changed since the last time we went there. There are more guests and of course the beach is now available.

Secdea Beach Resort

Too bad it was low tide

There are many ways to go to Samal Island. Going to Ilihan, we went a bit further from Sasa Wharf. We stopped by this flyover/walkover and then went inside this small "eskinita"/ alley to boarda passenger pump boat. Since we went back a bit later, we rode the barge back to Davao City whichwill drop you off Sasa Wharf.


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