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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Old Manila

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Outside San Agustin Church-Intramuros Manila.

I know it's been a long while since my last entry. I have a lot of drafts actually but eventually got a bit lazy. I'm preparing a long entry that I will be posting soon.  Nevertheless here's a short entry on my one-week stay in Manila. I had so much fun even if most of the time I spent it studying since its actually a trip sponsored by the company I'm working for.  I got to Manila 2 days earlier than the training date so that I can have time to sight-see. 

So happy to be ridin' Cebu Pacific's Airbus 330 again. The flight was smooth until we got to Manila. It was like riding through a washing machine. The clouds were so thick but it wasn't that bumpy compared to some scary flights I've ridden-kudos to the pilots-the landing was very smooth.

The first day, I spent it going round malls in Makati since it was raining all day. The next day, my sister and I went to Manila to hear mass. I took this opportunity to go back to Intramuros. I just love going back to that place as I'm the type of person who loves old buildings and places.

At the front of Manila Cathedral. The heavy rain just stopped and it was windy. I was tucking some strands of hair behind my ear when then shot was taken-it wasn't an intentional pose. LOL. I just loved my flower jacket from Cache Cache though I had to wait for it to go on sale. I also love my Promod shirt. I'm currently in love with most of their shirt-I guess it's one of the reason why I'm broke. The pants I wore are levis demi curve in metallic which I bought online from Amazon.

After hearing mass, my sister and I walked a bit around and decided to go see the museum at Casa de Manila. Cameras are not allowed inside the museum but its worth a visit. The furnishings inside give you a glimpse of how the illustrados  lived their lives.

The patio is really romantic. Sigh! Reminds me the Enrique Iglesias video Nunca Te Olvidare-my favorite.

After that we had lunch at this small cafe inside the compound. We tried out their buffalo-wings which tasted good and also the waiter who attended to us was very helpful and made us feel comfortable. After that we went back to Makati and met with my training-mates.  We decided to go to Greenhills and we took them to Shangrila's Rustans since they asked me where to buy perfumes. Then we went back to Makati and dined at this new mall near Tune Hotel where we were staying.

Dinner at Caliburger- the burger was awesome. We were able to enjoy the Makati  nightscape.
We had our training at Buendia Center-that building at the back of Pacific Star. For the entire week, Makati was gloomy and it often rained. It's a good thing also that the hotel is near our training center that we walk everyday. Years ago when I was still working in Makati, a meal would only cost me about PHP60 but now it costs a minimum of PHP90. My roomate and I would buy this hot cheese pandesal at this Petron convenience store facing Pacific Star for 5 pesos a piece and a cup of noodles from the grocery-our daily breakfast.

By Thursday,we were a bit restless since we just finished a slew of exams. We decided to go out and go karaoke. We went around Jupiter street and boy was the night scene so lively. This place is jampacked. There were a lot of foreigners. This actually the "red light" district of Makati. It was kinda fun people-watching.

We found this karaoke somewhere in Jupiter -Polaris street. It was a bit on the expensive side- PHP600 and hour but
since we needed some stress busting-we made the best out of our one hour trying to belt some
Celine Dion songs.
Did some window shopping at Cinderalla Makati, my training-mates where able to buy a lof of stuff since the store
was on sale-there were a lot of cute dresses. I feel bad for our only lone male training-mate as he had
to endure a lot of girly shopping.
On the last day of training, I took them to Greenbelt where we had some celebrity sightings and shopped for the usual "pasalubong".

Finally, my last day in Manila. Here's how our room looks like.  

                       I had so much fun on this trip. Hope to get back to Manila soon. All pictures
were taken by my Nokia Lumia 920 phone since I did not bring any camera with me. xoxoxo.

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