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Friday, December 26, 2014

Test Photos for EPL 5

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August had been a busy month for me. From going to Manila for a week-long training to going back to Negros to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday- life had been hectic. I thought I would have more time after that month but then something came up and I needed to prepare for something. For months, I have neglected my blog- though there are posts that are still in my drafts.

Today, as I finally have the time to sleep and relax. I would like to share some practice shots that my cousin and I took in Negros. I have bought a new camera this year after months of thinking over what camera I would buy, I settled for the Olympus EPL 5.

One of the things I really wanted to do back then was to take pictures and write. I even joined our school's newspaper club but at that time cameras were expensive. I didn't have access to cameras so I guess that frustration carried over till today. I have bought 4 cameras since then. Ranging from the simplest point-and-shoot to a more advanced one (samsung ex1) to a micro 4/3s. For months, I've been deciding on the Olympus, Lumix, NEX, NX to a Nikon. Of course, if I had that much money then I would have bought the Nikon d5200 but since, I have limited money-choice was harder.

Two years ago, there was a surge in DSLR popularity. People I know and even friends on Facebook got pictures taken by a DSLR or have pictures holding a DSLR. A bit later, I saw these friends trying to sell their DSLRs at a cheaper price on facebook and most of these are just slightly used. This is one of the reasons why I opted not to buy one since as a newbie- I don't think it would be easier for me to learn what these DSLRs could do-and even appreciate them. Most of these friends who sold their DSLRs are women-it is indeed a burden to carry one around.

Nonetheless, I wanted to get more of what I was willing to pay and went to National Geographic's website. I have been lusting over their photography courses and I found out that they were requiring any DSLR or micro 4/3s-not that I can afford to join their courses but at least it gave me and idea that you can get good quality images out of micro 4/3s.

We went up on top of this hill,on a field a bit pass the cemetery in my mother's hometown Amlan. There, we were able to capture cloud scapes as well as a good view of the sea and the town below.

All pictures are untouched. I haven't had the time to try and experiment with the lastest photoshop version since I'm still running on a Windows Vista. My current laptop of 7 years is still working fine -I didn't see the reason to upgrade until recently.

We were chasing the sunset that day-the "Golden Hour" of  photography. The next day we went to Tanjay and took some pictures there. I made the mistake of using my telephoto lens hence we all appeared fatter than usual but nevertheless, the scenery was relaxing.

So far, I'm liking my Olympus Pen but I'm still struggling with taking night photos. It's so difficult for me to do some night photography as I don't have a better understanding of most technical photography terms. Hopefully, I'd be able to practice more.

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