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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Midsummer Wedding

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On this night of a thousand stars
Let me take you to heaven's door
Where the music of love's guitars
Plays forevermore

In the glow of those twinkling lights
We shall love through eternity
On this night in a million nights
Fly away with me

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I have been MIA for months but it doesn't mean I have forgotten about my little blog. There are a lot of things that I'm planning to blog about such as a  new room that I have designed which I'm quite excited to blog about and of course, I want to share shots from my new  Olympus EPL5 camera.

I've been wanting to upgrade my Samsung EX1 for the longest time. I had a lot of options and it's quite hard for me to choose the best one for me among all the new cameras that came out in the market. I was thinking whether or not I should buy a DSLR or a micro 4/3 camera. Also, buying one means that I have to dole out cash and since I'm still recovering from the expenses I've incurred from our Korea trip, it is only now that I have some extra cash to buy a new one. 

I saw this MinnieMouse Lunchbox the other day at the mall, I had an idea
and made it into a camera bag- hehehe!

I was thinking of buying something that's not bulky. I have wanted to buy the Sony NEX 3N but it ran out of stocks in here at the same time I saw someone from our office who had the same camera and I wasn't impressed with the pictures she took with it. I was left with Nikon D3200,  Panasonic G2 and the Olympus EPL 5. I have read various reviews and based on what I gather it was the EPL5 that really suited me except for the price. It is really very expensive compared to the other two options. Days before I had to decide, my mind was already leaning towards the Nikon D3200 but I asked my dad about it and he chose the Olympus over Nikon and also, it made me think of what I really wanted. I wanted the Olympus badly but my practical side was telling me it was really expensive compared to the other 2 but then if ever I buy any of the other 2 options-would I be contented? So then, I made the decision and bought the EPL5.

The perfect time to try it out was last Friday when my best friend from high school got married. She held her wedding on a  mountain resort. 

Though I managed to also take RAW shots, I think the JPEG pictures didn't need any corrections.
I absolutely love the color-very vivid. I was kinda looking forward to doing some
tweaks with Lightroom but I was very satisfied with most of the shots.

First year high school for me was the worst time of my high school life. My family was in a tight budget that my parents had wanted us to transfer to another school. I had begged them not to do it since I've been a student of that school since nursery and it had become my second home. I had a "barkada" or group of friends from grade school that I would miss. It was a good thing my parents managed to make us stay. 

As they say, high school is the best time of your life but not for me. I struggled during my first year. I got low grades-grades I never thought I would have since I graduated from elementary with honors. My friends and I drifted apart. There were kids who came from other schools who also struggled to make their own identity dividing the school in cliques and even gangs. There was so much chaos. 

The Bride
During our first assembly, this girl who was the almost the same height as me was convincing me to switch places with her. I was kinda annoyed but then she managed to tell me why. It appears that she doesn't want to sit next to this girl she was schoolmates with before because they had a misunderstanding. I didn't think we would be that close. I guess, first impressions should not always last because she became one my most loyal and dearest friend for 15 years.

She was there for me when this classmate of mine spread false rumors about me. She helped with my plates in THE which I absolutely hated. We shared the same dreams of going someplace else in the future. We shared the same crushes. We had the same favorite color. Even if we weren't classmates anymore during our second, third and fourth year-we still managed to maintain our relationship and had lunch together almost everyday. When we graduated from college, during the first year she went to another school but we still managed to keep in touch and I encouraged her to go after her dream to become an architect thus she moved back and we still managed to see each other despite our different schedules and taking different courses.

It saddens me a bit that maybe I won't get to hang out with her that much anymore since she is starting her own family but I know that from all that we've been through-we'd manage to remain friends. She deserves her happy-ever-after as well.

I had to tweak these pictures to lighten the complexion. I made an error with my setting. 
I didn't use the portrait setting of the camera and had it instead set on nature that's why
in the original picture was darker but I was able to correct using the Olympus Viewer. I wanted 
to use Adobe Lightroom but unfortunately, I had trouble updating my version. It can't read the .orf raw
files of my camera and I had to get the higher version and I don't think my old laptop can handle that
for now but what's cool with the Olympus Viewer is that you can also do some complexion editing-
now I know what e-portrait setting on my camera is for.

It's summer but since we were on top of the mountain, the temperature dropped down as dusk approached. It was quite a foggy day , nevertheless it was just the right temperature to enjoy an evening of food, music and love. The food served by Eden was delicious especially the vegetables. Everything was fresh and crispy. The reception area was beautifully decorated with soft lights and even if it was a bit foggy-the view of the city is still visible.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with my new camera. I still have to get to know it better to maximize its capacity. Also, I had fun during the wedding. It was simple and the program was hosted by popular DJ Rod Rodriguez of Magic 89.1. I wish my dearest friend all the happiness in the world. xoxoxo