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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crazy Rich Asians

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures below. All pictures are taken from Google. 

I have seen this book a dozen times before at Fullybooked  but I completely ignored it after reading the brief synopsis. I judged quickly as something like Amy Tan (not like I don't like Amy Tan- I loved her Joy Luck Club) but I was just not into reading dramas. Well maybe, I can take a bit of drama if it's cleverly mixed with adventure and mystery. Oh well, when I saw recently that the author Kevin Kwan went to Manila and saw how many book readers went-I got curious. I went back to Fullybooked and spent PHP700+ for his latest book, China Rich Girlfriend. To my surprise, I got hooked and immediately bought the prequel Crazy Rich Asians.

I love how he wrote the book like you were reading some kind of tabloid magazine or a celebrity insider's blog. His writing style was very easy. I love how he managed to mix humor with fashion. The snobs in the book that you would love to hate were also very entertaining. I guess the book is a mixture of Gossip Girl, Mano Po and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (Dorothy Wang -anyone?).

Image courtesy of Kevin Kwan's official Facebook Page

I heard that they are to make a movie version of the first book and many blogs have had the fun of posting who they would cast. So I just think it would be fun to do mine. Though I know that the story revolves around people with Chinese ancestry- I am not limiting myself and took some stars from popular Korean Dramas. I am also just going to do some female characters (for the meantime) I enjoyed reading about. So here it goes:

Rachel Chu- Rachel's the typical American Born Chinese (well, technically she wasn't born in the US but she grew up in the US). She was always described as a looker without the hint of make up or was often dressed in simple clothes yet she was so beautiful that even her boyfriend's mother who did not like her would agree that she was pretty. Yet she has the beauty that isn't quite what you call "sexy" like Nick's cousin, Astrid.

I would pick Liu Yi Fei since her  beauty is more on the demure and classic type.
Though she might look young to be Rachel-well most Asians age slower anyway.

Kristin Kreuk would be more in the age range of the character but she can look too foreign sometimes, but
nevertheless wearing brown contacts would probably do the trick.

Astrid Leong- She was described as having bee-stung lips and eyes that were wide apart but then these facial features worked for her. She was always described as "hot" or "sexy". Girls would want to know what dress she was wearing or what kind of outfit she would party in.

Shu Qi- I remember watching her in "So Close" - I wonder if the writer had her in mind while
writing Astrid's character because the description quite fit her facial attributes.

Jeon Ji Hyun would also fit the bill too. She's the girl who launched a thousand liptsicks-lol! Her fashion
in My Love from the Stars was exactly what I would imagine Astrid would wear well except for the cutesy headbands
and the "girly" costume.

Kitty Pong- Chinese Mainlander who rose to fame via her roles in Chinese Soap Operas. She dated Alistair but later got swayed to date and later marry Bernard Tai. A known social climber but at the same time I kinda liked her character coz she seems really clueless in China Rich Girlfriend-I kinda felt bad for her and ended up rooting for her in a weird way.

Don't get me wrong- I love Fan Bing Bing! The first time I saw her on a chinese channel, I immediately
searched for her on the net to look her up. I wanted to cast her as Kitty Pong not because I see her as someone
like Kitty-on the contrary! I think of the character as a scene stealer-someone you'd normally hate but
would root for and I just think that's exactly what FBB can do for the role. I think that the Kitty Pong
role is the juiciest role among the female characters and it would take a special one to fill the role. FBB is stylish
and has that movie star aura that I think would make her the perfect Kitty Pong.

Araminta- Rich Girl who married Nicholas' Bestfriend Colin Khoo, it's because of her wedding that Nicholas and Rachel went to Singapore. She's a fashion model with Uyghur blood that makes her look Eurasian.

I'm kinda torn between two actresses, they are both with Uyghur blood so just take a pick between the two.
Can't reall decide between Gul Nazar and Baha Guli-both absolutely gorgeous.

Colette Bing- Daughter of one of China's Richest Man. She can be quite generous but counts everything she gives with a cost. She's spoiled and enjoys living the high life.

Angelababy- there was a time when she dominated HK's magazine. She has this youthful vibe that would make her a good Colette at the same time she's also fashionable like Colette.

So there you have it-my list I really enjoyed Kevin Kwan's book and would really look forward to Book 3. Before I had placed Singapore at the bottom of my bucket list even if it's so close to where I am now. Reading this book, it made me curious about Singapore.  Hopefully, I'd get there soon. xoxoxo

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