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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Discovering New Shores

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I have been MIA for a while because of various stuff from work to personal matters. I do miss blogging and even installed the Blogger app on my IPAD but I find that blogging with a proper laptop/desktop is still the best option with a proper keyboard and big screen. However, I find it easier to edit pictures and transfer pictures using my Ipad so what gives?

Anyhow, this is actually a very late post. Last May we had our annual company-sponsored Summer Outing. I was in charge of the logistics. I was amazed with the beaches at Talikud Island-the one where I had my first scuba diving experience. Talikud Island is different from the larger Samal Island. Samal Island is more developed than Talikud Island. Big  beach resorts like Pearl Farm, Secdea, Paradise Island and etc are located at Samal Island. While an exclusive expensive resort, Leticia   by the Sea is located at Talikud. Since our budget is limited we decided to go to Isla Reta.

Docking at Isla Reta

I've been living in Davao City for more than 20 years yet there are beaches I haven't been to yet and this is actually my first time to go to Isla Reta. The boat leaves Sta. Ana pier at 9am and last trip from the island is usually at 2pm. It takes an hour to travel to Isla Reta but it's all worth it.

We fell in love with the laid back atmosphere of the beach and the beautiful sea in different hues of blue. Most people bought/rented camping tents to stay overnight. Grilling pits are also available.
The mandatory jump shot.

Fun! Fun! Fun under the Sun!

Managed to practice a bit of my portrait taking skills with my Olympus. I just love my camera and I really had fun experimenting with it. I experimented with the settings and tried to have Bokehs.

One of my favorite portraits, this is completely unaltered, filtered or edited.
All in all, if you are planning to visit Davao and want to experience the beach, I highly suggest you go here at Isla Reta. It's not a first class resort but if you are the type who loves outdoors and nature then this resort is for you. xoxoxo..

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