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Sunday, May 22, 2016


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Prague Spring Time 2016

Prague-the city of a thousand spires, a fairtyale town bought to life. Prague is on the topmost part of my bucket list-okay, the number 1 City on my bucket list. I have long been curious about this city, the city which stood the test of time and even the terror of the Nazis. Watch this short video and if you're not convinced yet not to come here then I don't know how to convince you more.

We arrived in Prague April 14, 2016 at about 10 am in the morning via Munich riding a flight of Air Dolomiti. Upon arrival at the airport, we purchased our unlimited 3-day tram ticket at the kiosk and went to the AAA taxi booth to take a taxi from the airport to our hotel, Garni Machova Hotel.

There's color everywhere...

I was so pleased with our booking at this Hotel. Aside from the good deal I got from, the hotel staff was very helpful. Normally, check-ins was at 2pm but the staff was able to get us our room when we discovered it was already clean and ready. He gave us maps and instructions to get to the nearest KFC since we were a bit wary about trying out Czech food on our first day.

Our hotel was located near the Namesti Miru and  St. Ludmila's Cathedral.


St Ludmila's Cathedral-neo gothic style.This Cathedral was dedicated to  St Ludmila
who was King Wenceslaus' grandmother. She was murdered by his mother and her remains
are buried in St George's Basilica which I will post later.

It is fascinating how every building tells a story. It was so difficult for me to decide which view
was better when I first got there-all building are decorated with marvelous works of art.

This dog was so big-more than 1/2 of my size. Though it is not obvious in the picture. If this dog stands,
I swear it would be taller than me.

In the afternoon, we walked to St Wenceslaus Square, about 15 minutes walk from the Hotel.  It's too bad the National Museum was closed during our stay. We walked around the square where most shops from international brands like Promod, Debenhams and M&S were located. The building that struck me the most is this bookstore where stories were painted on its facade. It was just so beautiful for me that I made a mental note to go back and buy something from the bookstore. Also, when we landed at the Prague airport, we were advised not to change our money from Money Exchanges at the square because they might give us fake money but we did and we got better rates than the one at the airport. We were just careful in choosing though and there are men who would chase you down the square and insist on having your dollars changed with them which we ignored though it was really annoying how they would convince you non-stop.

Good King, St Wenceslas. He is the patron saint of The Czech Republic.

The Bookstore-details..details..details...

I bought the book 77 Prague Legends by Alena Jezkova 2 days later. I regret the time I first saw
this bookshop that I didn't buy the book. The book was very good and a lot of the legends written
on it have addressed-so it would have been better to see which place this legend took place rather
than just looking back at the pictures if I had passed by the setting of a particlar legend.

OOTD: Black Knitted Poncho from Forever21, striped colorful jumper from Promod, Red Shoes Keds by Taylor Swift,
jeans from Giordano and red infinity scarf from SM Department Store. The bag from Travelon.

The famous Trdelnik- all that sugar to energize your walking.

At the end of the square is a crossroad, one road leading to the old town but we opted to go back since it was getting late. Though the sun is still out at 6-7pm we wanted to rest since we had an 11-hour flight and waited at HKIA for almost 7 hours. We passed by this Vietnamese Resto on the way to the square and decided to have our dinner there. It turns out it was a popular vietnamese pho restaurant Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan. On the way home we purchased apples and water for dessert.

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